Aug 10 2011

Clarence Clemons Familie plant öffentliche Trauerfeier

Clarence Clemons Familie hat angekündigt, am 19. August 2011 eine öffentliche Trauerfeier für den verstorbenen E Street Band Saxophonisten abhalten zu wollen.
Die Veranstaltung findet im „Chesapeake Conference Center“, Chesapeake, Virginia statt.

Offizielle Pressemeldung:

You are invited to attend the Clarence Clemons Memorial Service in our home city of Chesapeake, VA. It will be held on Friday, August 19th at 7pm in the Chesapeake Conference Center, 900 Greenbrier Circle, Chesapeake, VA. The Marriott of Chesapeake (which is next door to the Conference Center) has a discounted rate for those who will attend. There are 1,600 seats available. First come, firstserved.
In lieu of flowers, we are asking that you send in a donation to the Clarence A. Clemons Family Youth Center, in care of Grace Community Church, 872 Clearfield Ave., Chesapeake, VA 23320, which is where we grew up. A monument will also be added on our original home site. This is Family Reunion weekend for us, so you will see and understand where we received our early roots and blessings in Music and the love of God. One of my sons, Jake Clemons, will also be featured on sax. Believe you me, its almost like hearing and seeing Clarence all over again. However, if you cannot attend, let your love of Clarence be reflected in your donations to the „Clarence A. Clemons Family Youth Center“ at the above address, and be sure to indicate who it is for. Take Care and God bless each of you and Bruce Springsteen (my other brother from a
different mother).
Bill Clemons (9. August 2011)

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Aug 4 2011

Clarence Clemons Witwe veröffentlicht YouTube Video

Clarence Clemons Ehefrau Victoria hat auf YouTube ein Video veröffentlicht.

Ferner schreibt sie:

Dedicated to our third anniversary that is coming up on August 8, 2011.
„He walked into the restaurant and said: „Thank you for brining beauty into my day“ and handed me a flower. These were the very first words my dear husband spoke to me. He was the one who brought beauty into my life and lives of so many people all over the world…..
He brought strength, willpower and wisdom. He spoke a universal language that people all over the world understood. When he made a promise to me he made a promise to God. He loved with all his heart and a kind word.
He made us laugh and made us cry. Despite of his status he didn’t realize what a special human being he was.
Whenever I felt down he would ask me if he did something wrong. I would look at him and say you have been loving me and taking care of me, that is all you have done. He would smile.
He would say „If you ever stop loving me, please tell me“. I would reply: „You tell me if you stop loving me“. Behind his powerful frame there was a 16- year old boy asking a girl to go on a date. And we did. The date turned into a love story that I will never be able to describe to anyone who wasn’t a part of it. Thank you for being part of it.
My husband enriched my life enormously by sharing his family and friends. I am paying a tribute to my dear husband in my heart. He loved me like I didn’t believe a man could. I’ll cherish my memories of our life together — the struggles we have been through, the laughs we had and the world we created where our dedication to each other had no boundaries….

I will never stop loving you…
Victoria Clemons

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Aug 2 2011

Little Steven van Zandt: „Debt Ceiling? What Debt Ceiling?“

E Street Band Gitarrist Steven van Zandt hat heute in der „Huffington Post“ einen Artikel zum Thema „Staatsschulden und Schuldenobergrenze“ veröffentlicht. Der erfolgreiche Musiker fordert die amerikanische Regierung auf, Steuerschlupflöcher für Besserverdienende zu stopfen und für höhere Löhne einzutreten.

Ein kurzer Auszug:

Debt Ceiling? What Debt Ceiling?
First of all, just because the Tea Party people appear to be generally uneducated, ignorant about the political process, ignorant about economics, confused about their own platform from the beginning, and indelicate when it comes to the craft of diplomacy, doesn’t mean they’re wrong.

  • They’re right about our Debt being a bad thing.
  • They are right about our Deficit being a bad thing.
  • They are right about having a balanced budget.
  • They’re even right about taxes (although that really wasn’t part of their initial platform exactly).


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Jul 30 2011

The Long Players perform „Exile On Main St.“ – mit Garry Tallent

Die aus Nashville, TN stammende Tribute/Cover Band „The Long Players“ hat es sich seit 2004 zur Aufgabe gemacht, Alben bekannter Musikgrössen nachzuspielen. Während der letzten sieben Jahren haben „The Long Players“ 49 Alben Live vor Publikum performt.
Gestern Abend stand der 50 Auftritt auf dem Programm. „The Long Players“ traten mit E Street Band Bassist Garry Tallent im „The Mercy Lounge“ auf, um alle Songs des Rolling Stones Album „Exile on Main St.“ aus dem Jahre 1972 zum Besten zu geben. (Videos findet man hier)

Neben Bill Lloyd (Mitbegründer des Countryduos Foster & Lloyd), Steven Allen (Produzent und Mitbegründer der Pop-Band 20/20), Steve Ebe (Mitglied der Rockband Human Radio), John Deaderick (Studiomusiker bei Dixie Chicks, Michael McDonald und Patty Griffin) gehört auch E Street Band Bassist Garry Tallent der Band an.

Garry Tallent hat dem „Nashville Scene Magazin“ ein Interview gegeben:

E Street Band/Former Long Players Bassist Garry Tallent: The Cream Interview
Nashville Cream: How does the feeling of playing on stage in a club with a cover band differ from playing, say, Giants Stadium?
GT: I have always gotten more nervous in small clubs than in a stadium.
NC: How come?
GT: I couldn’t tell you that. I think it is basically something to do with the fact that people in a small club are all in your face and watching and paying close attention to what you’re doing, where in a stadium everyone is going up for a beer and it just doesn’t seem as crucial (laughs).

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Jul 29 2011

10th Avenue / E Street, Belmar, New Jersey

Die „Belmar Tourism Commission“ hat den aus Lakewood in New Jersey stammenden Kunstschaffenden Bob Mataranglo beauftragt, eine 2,5 Meter grosse Nachbildung der legendären Bruce Springsteen Fender Gitarre herzustellen.
Am vergangenem Wochenende wurde das Kunstwerk offiziell vor der örtlichen Bibliothek an der Ecke 10th Avenue und E Street enthüllt.
Die Kreuzung im Herzen der Küstenstadt Belmar, NJ gilt seit vielen Jahren als Mekka für Springsteen Fans aus aller Welt. schreibt:

Eight-foot replica of Bruce Springsteen’s Fender Esquire guitar on display on E Street in Belmar
An eight-foot high replica of Bruce Springsteen’s legendary Fender Esquire guitar is now on display at the corner of 10th Avenue and E Street in Belmar.
The guitar was made by Bob Mataranglo  of Lakewood and commissioned by the Belmar Tourism Commission.

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