Steve Earle – Copperhead Road

Steve Earl Copperhead Road

Steve Earle – Copperhead Road
Bruce Springsteens Freund Steve Earle veröffentlichte in April ’08 eine remasterte Deluxe Edition seines 1988er Erfolgalbums „COPPERHEAD ROAD“.
Auf dem ersten Silberling ist das Original Album zu finden. Die zweite CD ist bestückt mit Livematerial aus den 80er Jahren. Unter anderem auch mit Bruce Springsteens „Nebraska“.


Product Description

Never one to mince words, Steve Earle told his biographer Lauren St John, „COPPERHEAD ROAD was ‘f*$@ you,’ to an extent.“ Released Oct. 17, 1988, the album was indeed a raised middle finger to Nashville’s country music establishment, which had viewed the intransigent singer-songwriter’s swift rise in the late ‘80s with undisguised distaste. Brazenly explosive and hard-rocking, it was not the work of an artist who would be — or would want to be — embraced by the Grand Ole Opry. It also marked the commercial pinnacle of his career’s tumultuous first chapter.
The public responded to COPPERHEAD ROAD as MCA had hoped: The album won widespread mainstream critical acclaim and substantial rock radio airplay, and became Earle’s second gold release. The set broadened his fan base in a way many in Music City had not foreseen. It must have been a satisfying moment for country’s most persistent anti-authoritarian: He had proved Nashville wrong.
The present expanded Deluxe Edition offers a deep look at Earle on stage in the months surrounding the recording and release of COPPERHEAD ROAD. A November 1987 performance from Raleigh, North Carolina, by the Exit 0 band includes early renditions of „The Devil’s Right Hand“ and „Johnny Come Lately,“ plus three numbers dating back to his Epic sessions and covers of songs by his Nashville compadre Rodney Crowell and early influence Gram Parsons. Springsteen receives homage in a 1988 solo version of his brooding „Nebraska.“ Finally, five songs from an April 1989 Canadian date reveals the stops-out potency of the Copperhead Road-era Dukes on the road.


Disk: 1
1. Copperhead Road
2. Snake Oil
3. Back to the Wall
4. Devil’s Right Hand
5. Johnny Come Lately
6. Even When I’m Blue
7. You Belong to Me
8. Waiting on You
9. Once You Love
10. Nothing But a Child
Disk: 2
1. Devil’s Right Hand [Live in Raleigh, NC]
2. Fearless Heart [Live in Raleigh, NC]
3. San Antonio Girl [Live in Raleigh, NC]
4. Nobody But You/Continental Trailways Bus [Live in Raleigh, NC]
5. My Baby Worships Me [Live in Raleigh, NC]
6. Wheels [Live in Raleigh, NC]
7. Week of Living Dangerously [Live in Raleigh, NC]
8. Johnny Come Lately [Live in Raleigh, NC]
9. Brown and Root [Live in Raleigh, NC]
10. I Love You Too Much [Live in Raleigh, NC]
11. It’s All Up to You [Live in Raleigh, NC]
12. Nebraska [Live, 1988]
13. Copperhead Road [Live in Calgary, Canada]
14. I Ain’t Ever Satisfied [Live in Calgary, Canada]
15. Dead Flowers [Live in Calgary, Canada]
16. Little Sister [Live in Calgary, Canada]
17. Guitar Town [Live in Calgary, Canada]

Das Album erscheint am 20. Mai 2008 auch in Deutschland. Mehr Infos und Bestellmöglichkeit findet ihr hier.