2. April 2011 – Bruce Springsteen in Asbury Park, NJ

Gestern Nachmittag fand in der “Atonement Lutheran Church” in Asbury Park, NJ eine Diskussionsrunde zum Thema “Soul, Rhythm & Blues and the History of Race and Music in Asbury Park” statt. Mit dabei waren Southside Johnny, Bobby Thomas, Nickey Addeo und Bruce Springsteen. Die Musiker sprachen über ihre Jugendjahren in der Küstenstadt Asbury Park und erzählten über die Musikszene, die sich entlang der Ocean Grove in den 1960er Jahren entwickelte.

NJ.com schreibt:

Southside Johnny talked about growing up in Ocean Grove and how Asbury Park was another world. He played the pinball machines at the Casino and The Palace Amusements.
He said his father liked black music, so he was knowledgeable about it and he always equated Asbury Park with music.
Springsteen said he came to Asbury Park when he was 18. He said there were groups who were singers and groups who played music, but they didn’t crossover too much … weiterlesen

Später am Abend stattete Bruce Springsteen der “Wonder Bar” einen Besuch ab. Gemeinsam mit Southside Johnny, Vini “Mad Dog” Lopez, Bobby Thomas, Billy Ryan und Ed Manion gab er einige Songs zum Besten.


Crying in the Chapel
Stand by Me
C.C. Rider
What’s Your Name
Johnny B. Goode

NJ.com schreibt:

After being part of a panel discussion on the soul, rhythm & blues and the history of race and music in Asbury Park on Saturday afternoon, Bruce Springsteen continued his evening with a live performance with some of those musicians at the Wonder Bar … weiterlesen


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