6. Oktober 2017 – „Springsteen On Broadway“

Tag 4 am New Yorker Broadway.
Bruce Springsteen änderte den Showverlauf etwas ab. Noch vor „The Rising“ stimmte der „Boss“ seinen im Jahre 2007 auf „Magic“ erstveröffentlichten Song „Long Walk Home“ an.

Der zehnte Track auf Springsteens 15. Studioalbum feierte bereits am 11. November 2006 während eines Konzerts der „Seeger Session Tour“ in der Londoner „Wembley Arena“ seine Weltpremiere.

Bruce Springsteen – Magic (Album, 2007)

Damals sagte Bruce Springsteen folgendes:

I went out to see Lucinda Williams last night and she was fabulous, beautiful songwriter and she was brave ´cause she played all new songs and between my whoring and drinking, when I come home after that, I sit up in the hotelroom occasionally and I try to write. So this is a song, it´s kind of a work-in-progress, you know, we had some, returned to some level of sanity in the States but there was so much destruction done, just to basic principles of democracy that not only is it broken, it needs to be fixed now, you know, this is a song called „Gonna Be A Long Walk Home“


Growin‘ Up
My Hometown
My Father’s House
The Wish
Thunder Road
The Promised Land
Born in the USA
10th Avenue Freeze-Out
Tougher Than the Rest (mit Patti Scialfa)
Brilliant Disguise (mit Patti Scialfa)
Long Walk Home
The Rising
Dancing in the Dark
Land of Hope and Dreams
Born to Run

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