Benefizshow “Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation” mit Bruce

Bruce Springsteen ist gestern Abend anlässlich einer Benefizshow für „Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation“ im New Yorker „Chelsea Piers“ aufgetreten.

California Sun
Working on the Highway
Yankees Win
Thunder Road
Bobby Jean
Dancing in the Dark
Glory Days meldet:

Notes: The fifth annual Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation benefit featured Bob Costas as Master of Ceremonies, a whole host of Yankees in the crowd, Billy Crystal cracking wise, and Bruce Springsteen batting clean-up with a rollicking half-hour acoustic set. Saying that he had been a Yankee fan since he was a kid, Bruce offered a riff on the Beverly Hillbillies theme about Torre heading for Beverly (Hills, that is…) which went right into a hard-strummed take on the Rivieras‘ „California Sun,“ with modified lyrics also in honor of Torre: „I’m goin‘ to where the palm trees are swayin’/Nobody gonna second-guess just who I’m playin‘!“. After „Working on the Highway“ it was a new original, written for the occasion in the spirit of „I’m Turning Into Elvis“ and „Freehold,“ call this one „Yankees Win.“ Bruce joked it would be the first cut on his next album, and the song got a little ribald as he described Patti in a Yankee hat and pinstripes… Everyone got a chuckle. Solo takes on „Thunder Road,“ „Bobby Jean“ (with Bruce struggling to find the melody) and „Dancing in the Dark“ followed. Finally, he asked Patti and Bernie Williams to join him. Patti grabbed a tambourine, Bernie a guitar (and he knows his way around it, for sure). Bruce made a joke about Bernie getting too old for baseball — but he’s just a baby if he goes into the music business at this point. They let it go with a great rendition of „Glory Days,“ the song about not crying over what you had and what you lost. Bernie did a wonderful jazz interlude during the middle of the song. Patti and Bruce sang together, Bernie and Bruce sang together, and everyone just had grins on their faces. Looking around the room, there were Bob Costas and Joe Torre were singing along, Bernie’s kids excited that he’s up on stage doing a song with Bruce Springsteen, and just a lot of people happy to get this close to Bruce in such an intimate environment and watch him enjoy himself. This was not a job tonight. This was a favor for a good friend, for a good cause, and it was all wrapped up in Yankee pinstripes. I doubt if next year’s benefit will have this same flavor, but these last licks were good.

Hier gibt es ein kurzes Video.