Bestätigt: Bruce Springsteen Konzerte als Downloads

Bruce Springsteens Manager Jon Landau kündigte in einem Interview mit „Backstreets“ an, dass möglicherweise bald sämtliche Bruce Springsteen Konzerte als Downloads verfügbar sein werden.

Backstreets berichtete exklusiv am 10. Januar 2014:

… Landau fills me in on something else in the works: downloadable concert recordings. Plans aren’t totally hammered out yet, but it’s something they want to try, potentially after each show, and he says Bruce is on board with the idea. Active discussions are ongoing and in the logistics phase … weiterlesen

Heute (17. Januar 2014) wurde bekannt, dass Fans pünktlich zum Start der „World Tour 2014“ am 26. Januar 2014 die Möglichkeit haben werden, USB-Armbänder zu kaufen und Shows aus dem Internet zu laden.

Die offizielle Meldung:

On the 2014 tour dates, fans will be able to use new technology to enjoy Springsteen’s legendary live concerts. Fans around the world can purchase a special USB wristband, both online and at the tour venues. Starting with the first ‚High Hopes‘ show in Cape Town, South Africa on January 26, they will be able to pick one show of their choice to download on their USB wristband (approximately 48 hours after the show).

Mittlerweile kann man auf Bruce Springsteens offiziellem Internetshop sogenannte USB Wristlebands für 30 $ vorbestellen.

Bruce Springsteen USB Wristleband:


Pre Order Your Bruce Springsteen USB Wristband Today!
You can order the audio from shows in South Africa, Australia and other future dates!

Enjoy Bruce Springsteen’s performance over and over again with a 2GB, 320 bit rate MP3 USB of the live concert. The high quality audio recording can be transferred into iTunes or other MP3 players. Once you purchase, you will be able to choose one show of your choice to download on the USB Wristband.

This USB wristband is also a reusable flash drive! Use it to store and/or transfer personal files. All USB wristbands will ship upon order, if you receive your USB wristband before the show you are attending, you will recieve a message to try back later. Most shows will appear with in 48 hours of the show date for download.

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