Bruce Springsteen Live – Von seinem Zuhause in dein Zuhause / Volume 14

Die 14. Ausgabe der Radioshow “From My Home To Yours” am 31. Oktober 2020 war die bisher kürzeste Sendung dieser Reihe. Bruce Springsteen nutzte die fünfzig Sendeminuten, um alle Hörer aufzurufen, am 3. November 2020 zur Wahl zu gehen und einen neuen Präsidenten ins Amt zu verhelfen.

Bruce Springsteen eröffnete die Sendung mit “Hello and welcome, ghouls, fools, witches, blood-sucking politicians, zombie denizens of Washington, DC” und stellte klar, dass dieses Halloween das Erschreckendste ist, welches er je erlebt hat.

“Angesichts der derzeitigen Bewohner des Weissen Hauses wird es langsam Zeit, in ein paar Tagen diesen Penner rauszuwerfen” fuhr Springsteen fort und ermutigte alle Wahlberechtigten, am kommenden Dienstag die richtige Entscheidung zu treffen und Donald Trump aus dem Amt zu kegeln.

“A good portion of our fine country, to my eye, has been thoroughly hypnotized — brainwashed by a con man from Queens! You mix in some jingoism, some phony patriotism, “fear of a black planet,” vanity, narcissism, paranoia, conspiracy theories, and a portion of our nation undergoing mass delusions and teetering on violence… and you’re left with the greatest threat to democracy in my lifetime”.

Springsteen beklagte die fehlende Menschlichkeit im Weissen Haus und las ein Gedicht von Elayne Griffin Baker vor:

There is no art in this White House.
There is no literature. No poetry. No music.
There are no pets in this White House.
No loyal man’s best friend. No Socks the family cat.
No kids science fairs.
No times when this president takes off his
blue suit-red tie uniform and becomes human, except when he puts on his white shirt- khaki
pants uniform and hides from the American people to
play golf.
There are no images of the first family
enjoying themselves together in a moment
of relaxation.
No Obamas on the beach in Hawaii
moments, or Bushes fishing in Kennebunkport, no Reagans on horseback, no Kennedys playing touch football on the Cape.…

Where did that country go? Where did all
of the fun and joy and expression of love and happiness go? We used to be the country that did the ice bucket challenge and raised millions for charity.
We used to have a president who calmed and
soothed the nation instead of dividing it.
And a First Lady who planted a garden
instead of ripping one out.
We are rudderless and joyless.
We have lost the cultural aspects of
society that make America great.
We have lost our mojo. Our fun, our happiness.
Our cheering on of others.
The shared experience of humanity that makes it all worth it.
The challenges and the triumphs that we shared and celebrated.
The unique can-do spirit that American
has always been known for.
We are lost.
We have lost so much
In so short a time.

Bruce Springsteen beendete die Sendung mit dem Aufruf: “On November third, vote them out.”


The Ran-Dells – “Martian Hop”
Mike Oldfield – “Tubular Bells” (Instrumental)
Creedence Clearwater Revival – “Run Through the Jungle”
Leonard Cohen – “Everybody Knows”
Nina Simone – “I Put a Spell on You”
Barack Obama – 2020 Democratic National Convent
Bruce Springsteen – “Death to My Hometown”
George Mann, Julius Margolin & Friends – “Farewell to the Thief!” (Instrumental)
Bryson Gray – “Trump Is Your President”
Jay-Z – “My President is Black”
The Legendary Shack Shakers – “Thin the Herd”
Castaways – “Liar, Liar”
James Brown – “Get On Up, Get Into It, Get Involved”
Woody Guthrie – “This Land Is Your Land”
Instrumental Interlude: Stephan Moccio – “Sea Change”
Gedicht von Elayne Griffin Baker
Leonard Cohen – “Democracy”
Pete Seeger – “America the Beautiful” (Instrumental)
Bruce Springsteen – “The Promised Land”

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