Bruce Springsteen Live – Von seinem Zuhause in dein Zuhause / Volume 19

Die 19. Ausgabe der Bruce Springsteen Radioshow „From My Home To Yours“ beschäftigte sich mit Rocksongs, Bands und Fans. Der „Boss“ ging in den 70 Minuten auch der Frage nach, welche Beziehung ein Künstler zu seinem Publikum eingehen kann.

Bruce Springsteen begrüsste die Zuhörer mit folgenden Worten:

„Greetings, Earthlings! Gentlemen! Ladies! Fans! Friends!
Listeners from coast to coast and around the world. This is Bruce Springsteen, and allow me to welcome you to Volume 19 of From My Home to Yours, titled „Fans and Bands.“ This is an episode based around musicians and their muses: the folks and fans who inspire us, keep us in cheeseburgers, and keep us coming.“

Im Rahmen der Show am Mittwoch den 10. März 2021 spielte Springsteen mit „Where The Bands Are“, „Last Man Standing“ und „Letter To You“ drei Eigenkompositionen. Die Songs „Where The Bands Are“ und „Last Man Standing“ beschreiben die Gefühle eines Menschen, auf der Bühne zu stehen und Sklave des Beats zu werden. In „Letter To You“ verrät Bruce Springsteen, dass er stets Ängste und Zweifel in Songs gepackt und jedem Fans sein Herz ausgeschüttet hat.

Bruce Springsteen über „Where The Bands Are“:

„Where the Bands Are,“ by yours truly, written in 1979, in my bedroom, late at night, on Telegraph Hill Road in Holmdel, NJ — influenced heavily by the Raspberries on this one. It’s a tribute to the beauty and thrills of fandom, reflecting my many joyful nights that I spent at The Stone Pony, watching and sitting in with local acts, flirting with the waitresses, under the spell of blackberry brandy. Returning home in my white C10 pickup at 3 a.m., with the Raspberries blasting over my radio and that sweet ringing in my ears as I fell off to sleep. Those were the days of good feelings. Of being a part of something. Of a real community of musicians and locals, of folks who when Saturday night rolled around, had some place to go, somebody to see, something to dedicate yourself to. And music: music, music, music, to play, to listen to, to live to.“

Neben den eigenen Songs legte Bruce Springsteen auch Lieder unter anderem von Slip Dunlap, Bram Tchaikovsky, Webb Wilder, The MC5, Teddy Thompson, Joe Strummer oder Blue Cartoon auf.

Bruce Springsteen über Slim Dunlap:

„Slim Dunlap was born in Plainview, Minnesota, and is best known as a member of The Replacements with Paul Westerberg. He released two solo albums, The Old New Me and Times Like This, both required listening for any true-hearted rock ’n‘ roll aficionado.“

Bruce Springsteen über Joe Strummer:

„Joe was a religious attendee of the Glastonbury Festival, and that’s where it feels like this song came from. Quote: „I was crawling through a festival way out west… Through all the stages I wandered… Coma Girl and the excitement gang / Mona Lisa on the motorcycle gang.“ A classic fans tribute from my brother from another mother, Joe Strummer. You are deeply missed.“

Bruce Springsteen beendete die Show mit einer Liveversion des Tom Petty Klassikers „American Girl“ und gab zum Abschied folgendes zu Protokoll:

„I Will singn off with love and a thank you to all the folks, all of you who’ve inspired me and acted as my muse over the years. Plean keep on coming. There’s many miles and a long road ahead before sunset. So God bless you and go in peace.“


Bobby Sutliff – „Kings of Flannel“
Matthew Sweet – „Byrdgirl“
Slim Dunlap – „Rockin‘ Here Tonight“
Bruce Springsteen – „Where the Bands Are“
The Windbreakers – „Girl From Washington“
Bram Tchaikovsky – „Girl of My Dreams“
Bruce Springsteen – „Last Man Standing“
Iron City Houserockers – „Pumping Iron“
Joe Strummer – „Coma Girl“
Robyn Hitchcock – „Sally Was a Legend“
Webb Wilder – „Battle of the Bands“
MC5 – „Kick Out the Jams“
Masters of Reality – „Jody Sings“
Teddy Thompson – „You Made It“
Blue Cartoon – „She’s a God“
Kish Mauve – „I’m in Love With Your Rock and Roll“
Bruce Springsteen -„Letter to You“
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers – „American Girl“ (live)

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