Jul 27 2009

Southside Johnny Live in Deutschland

Southside Johnny Fans aufgepasst!
Der Meister kommt am Donnerstag, 29. Oktober 2009 wieder nach Deutschland.


Hohnerkamps Ballsaal Melle
Neuer Graben 8
49324 Melle
Telefon: 05422 5595


Tickets können jetzt schon vorbestellt werden. VVK: 28,60 €; Abendkasse: 30 €
Mehr Infos hier: http://www.melle-buer.de/tickets.html

Die weiteren Europatermine:

OCT 29 – Honerkamps Ballsaal, Melle, Germany
OCT 30 – Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands
OCT 31 – Paard Troje, Den Haag, Netherlands
NOV 02 – The Globe, Cardiff, UK
NOV 04 – The Robin 2, Wolverhampton, UK
NOV 06 – O2 Academy, Newcastle, UK
NOV 07 – The Ferry, Glasgow, UK
NOV 10 – The Stables, Milton Keynes, UK
NOV 11 – The Assembly, Leamington Spa, UK
NOV 13 – Opera House, Buxton, UK
NOV 14 – The Grand Opera House, York, UK
NOV 16 – Lincoln Drill Hall, Lincoln, UK
NOV 17 – Cheese & Grain, Frome, UK
NOV 19 – Picturedrome, Holmfirth, UK
NOV 20 – Shepherds Bush Empire, London, UK

Mehr Infos:


Jun 29 2009

Bruce Springsteen Fantreffen am 01. Juli 2009

Auch in diesem Jahr gibts in der Münchner Kneipe „Stadion an der Schleissheimer Strasse“ ein Bruce Springsteen Fan Treffen der Extraklasse !!!

“Prove it all night at 82nd Schleissheimer Street“

Die große Bruce Springsteen-Pre-Concert-Party in Zusammenarbeit mit stonepony.de mit Livemusik, Videos und die ganze Nacht Bruuuce aus den Boxen

Die Pre-Concert-Party findet einen Tag vor dem Bruce Springsteen Konzert in München statt. Wer nicht genug bekommt, kann am Konzertabend an der After-Show Party teilnehmen. Unter dem Motto „No Surrender my Bobby Jean – shut out the light after a Restless Night“ treffen sich alle Bruce Springsteen Fans direkt nach dem Konzert im „Stadion an der „Schleissheimer Strasse“.



  • Pre-Concert Party
    Mittwoch – 01.07.2009 ab 19.00 Uhr
  • After-Show-Party
    Donnerstag – 02.07.2009 ab 23.00 Uhr


  • Hier kann man ein Programmheft downloaden (PDF File).


Jun 26 2009

Charlie Robison „Beautiful Day“ inkl. Bruce Springsteen Song

Der aus Houston, Texas stammende Countrymusiker und Songwriter Charlie Robison hat am 23. Juni 2009 sein siebtes Studioalbum „Beautiful Day“ veröffentlicht. Unter anderem findet man auf dem Album „Racing in the Street“ aus der Feder von Bruce Springsteen.


It’s been five years since we last heard from Charlie Robison. After a run on Sony’s Lucky Dog label and a live album on Columbia, Robison moved to the indie Dualtone for 2004’s Good Times. Though he continued to perform live, the CDs he’d been releasing every year or two dried up. Perhaps now we know why: in 2008 his nine-year marriage to Dixie Chick Emily Robison ended in divorce. Rather than writing through the dissolution, he saved up his emotions for this post-divorce album. Only he and his ex know if the venom is righteous, but whether it’s well-founded criticism or angry lashing-out, it still packs a sting. One takeaway: don’t leave a writer feeling you’ve wronged them.
No doubt many of these songs were written in the final throes of Robison’s marriage, but the wreckage is viewed is aftermath rather than from the eye of the hurricane. Robison charts many of the classic stages of recovery, including shock, confusion, denial, anger, depression, and uneasy acceptance. He doesn’t bother to cloak his emotions in songwriter’s allusion, but there’s artfulness in the way he opens up the main veins to purge his bitterness. Given that his marriage had officially „become insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities,“ it’s unsurprising that Robison would castigate his ex for the lightweight echo of her former self he believes she’s become, and the broken promises with which he’s left.
Robison begins his reappraisal with the title track’s scathing portrait of superficial life in Los Angeles, and continues with a bitter spit of words in „Yellow Blues.“ The latter has a terrific country-psych arrangement, complete with Eastern influence, twangy and backwards guitars, and a thumping „Tomorrow Never Knows“ styled bass line. The lyrics suggest that in an effort to bolster favorable public perception, Robison’s mate kept their marital problems quiet rather than facing them down. A pair of Keith Gattis songs, „Down Again“ and „Reconsider,“ covers the merry-go-round of depression and forlorn denial. Robison writes of self-pity, barroom self-medication, and tentative steps towards recovery, the latter is most healthily heard in the chiming mandolin and social reconnections of „Feelin‘ Good.“
By album’s end Robison’s far from healed, and a defeated cover of Bruce Springsteen’s „Racing in the Street“ begs the question of whether failure has permanently short-circuited opportunity and hope. While Springsteen’s lyrics could illustrate the stunted adolescence of American Graffiti’s John Milner, Robison’s version suggests he’s stepping outside his own misery to consider the broader impact of his divorce. Either way, the roguish abandon of younger years has given way to middle-age doubt and regret. This isn’t nearly as depressing as it might seem, and though the processing isn’t pretty, the raw turmoil provides Robison the basis for this powerful album. [©2009 hyperbolium.com]


  1. Beautiful Day
  2. Yellow Blues
  3. Down Again
  4. Nothing Better to Do
  5. Reconsider
  6. Feeling Good
  7. If The Rain Don’t Stop
  8. Middle of the Night
  9. She’s So Fine
  10. Racing in the Street

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Apr 18 2009

Amazon.de MP3-Downloads


Mit Amazon.de MP3-Downloads steht Amazon.de Kunden in Deutschland ab sofort ein Musik-Download-Service mit innovativen Features zur Verfügung.


  • Einige Bruce Springsteen Alben wie „Working on a Dream“, „Magic“, „Born in the USA“ und „Greatest Hits“ sind zum Sonderpreis von nur 4,89 € erhältlich.

Ausserdem zum Preis von unschlagbaren 4,89 €:

  • Sounds of the Universe (Depeche Mode)
  • Give me Fire (Mando Diao)
  • No Line On The Horizon (U2)
  • Only By The Night (Kings of Leon)
  • Slipway Fires (Razorlight)
  • In Aller Stille (Die Toten Hosen)
  • This Is The Life (Amy MacDonald)
  • und vieles mehr …

Mehr Infos findet ihr auf amazon.de oder im Stonepony.de Fan Shop (Unterpunkt MP3 DOWNLOADS)

Viel Spass !!!


Sep 19 2008

Nils Lofgren „Yankee Stadium“

Nils Lofgren hat einen neuen Song namens „Yankee Stadium“ veröffentlicht.


Hello everyone.  Nils Lofgren here.  I wanted to give you some history on this new song, “Yankee Stadium.”
My fabulous wife Amy (a Jersey girl), remains a life-long Yankee fan with a great, emotional history of experience in Yankee Stadium from childhood to present.  Her concept and the song’s chorus; “everyone is beautiful in Yankee Stadium,” was born from those memories and experiences.  She’s been asking me to write this song for a while and here it is.
I’m a long time fan myself, especially of the mythical and mystical nature of old Yankee Stadium, which I’ve been fortunate to experience first hand.  This song is an homage born of respect and gratitude for all the emotional and spiritual beauty Yankee Stadium has offered to so many, for so long.  We hope all you Yankee fans out there enjoy it!
~ Nils Lofgren ~

Das Lied kann ab sofort kostenlos auf der offiziellen Nils Lofgren Homepage http://www.nilslofgren.com/ heruntergeladen werden.