Aug 20 2007

Albumcover und Tourstart

Gestern Abend wurde das Albumcover offiziell vorgestellt:

Bruce Springsteen - Magic

Ausserdem ist vor wenigen Tagen ein erster Konzerttermin aufgetaucht.
Laut TICKETMASTER.COM soll Bruce Springsteen gemeinsam mit der E-Street Band am Freitag, den 02. November 2007 im Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, MN auftreten.

Weitere Termine sollen im Laufe der Woche folgen…

Mehr Infos im Tourtagebuch


Aug 20 2007

Erste Singleauskopplung: “RADIO NOWHERE”


Bruce Springsteen wird den Song „Radio Nowhere“ als Singleauskopplung im September auf den Markt bringen.

Laut einer Meldung des Radiosenders „Q104.3“ wird Little Steven den Song anlässlich seiner Show bereits am 28. August präsentieren !!!

Gestern Abend wurde ausserdem folgender Bericht auf der Homepage des ‚Rolling Stone Magazin‘ veröffentlicht:

Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Magic’: Exclusive Details on New E Street Band Album

On October 2nd Bruce Springsteen will release Magic, his first album with the E Street Band since 2002’s The Rising. “We’ve been together since 1974 and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him more excited than he is right now about this record,” says Jon Landau, Springsteen’s manager.

The album was cut over two months at Southern Tracks studios in Atlanta with producer Brendan O’Brien, who previously worked with Springsteen on 2005’s Devils & Dust and The Rising.

The E Street Band mostly flew down on weekends to record, while Springsteen and O’Brien spent weekdays cutting vocals and recording overdubs. “This album is E Street Band heavy,” Landau says. “Clarence [Clemons] has some great moments on it. You could say that it’s as little more sonically guitar-driven than any past Bruce album. There are a few sort of pop, romantic touches that haven’t shown up recently, but were very prominent on the very early records.”

The lead single will be “Radio Nowhere,” a track Landau says “has a real anthemic quality to it. If it doesn’t get you out of your seat, I don’t know what will.” Landau is particularly excited about “The Long Walk Home,” which was performed live (click here to listen to an audience recording) on one occasion on the Seeger Sessions tour late last year. “It’s sort of the summational song of the album,” Landau says. “I think it’s one of Bruce’s great masterpieces.” Another track, “Girls in Their Summer Clothes,” Landau says has a “little bit of a Pet Sounds-type feeling mixed in with the sound of the E Street Band.” The final track, “Devil’s Arcade,” is described as one of the only songs on the album that delves into politics. “He gets some images across that are very powerful and will certainly give you a feeling of where he’s coming from, but on balance [politics] is not the primary intention of this record.”

A world tour with the E Street Band is reportedly going to kick off in early October, but Landau remains tight-lipped on the details. “As we speak, the tour has not been fully decided,” he says. Springsteen is also planning to promote the album on television, including late-night talk shows.

“What do you think about us doing American Idol?” Landau asks. “Come on, I’m kidding!”

Track Listing:
1. “Radio Nowhere”
2. “You’ll Be Comin’ Down”
3. “Livin’ in the Future”
4. “Your Own Worst Enemy”
5. “Gypsy Biker”
6. “Girls in Their Summer Clothes”
7. “I’ll Work for Your Love”
8. “Magic”
9. “Last to Die”
10. “Long Walk Home”
11. “Devil’s Arcade”

— Andy Greene / Rolling Stone Magazin / Quelle


Aug 16 2007

Die Katze ist aus dem Sack! Neues Album am 02. Oktober


Endlich ist es so weit.
Ein brandneues „Bruce Springsteen & THE E-Street Band“ Album namens „MAGIC“ wurde soeben offiziell angekündigt.

Springsteen, E Street Band to reunite for a bit of ‚Magic‘
Posted by the Asbury Park Press on 08/16/07

Bruce Springsteen is back with the E Street Band — and a bit of „Magic.“

The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer returns Oct. 2 with a new album, titled „Magic,“ his first collaboration with his longtime New Jersey mates since the Sept. 11-inspired „The Rising“ in 2002, Springsteen announced through his publicist today.

The album, other than its atmospheric title track, is billed as Springsteen’s return to rock ’n‘ roll after his solo „Devils & Dust“ and the folk-inspired „The Seeger Sessions.“ Fans can expect Clarence Clemons‘ familiar saxophone, Danny Federici’s soaring keyboards and Max Weinberg’s pounding drums — along with a lot of guitars.

The 11-song album is Springsteen’s first of all-new material since April 2005, when he released the acoustic „Devils & Dust.“ Springsteen’s 15th studio album follows last year’s „The Seeger Sessions,“ where the Boss and a 17-piece backing band played reconjured versions of songs associated with folkie Pete Seeger.

For this album, recorded with producer Brendan O’Brien in Atlanta, Springsteen reunited with the full E Street Band to re-create its Garden State wall of sound: guitarists Steve Van Zandt and Nils Lofgren, bassist Garry Tallent, drummer Weinberg, keyboardists Federici and Roy Bittan, sax man Clemons, violinist Soozie Tyrell and singer Patti Scialfa.

Last year, Springsteen said he’d already written a „whole book of songs for the E Street Band.“ He assembled the band earlier this year and they finished the album in two months, about the same amount of time spent recording the multi-platinum „The Rising.“

Songs include the title track, the album opener „Radio Nowhere,“ „You’ll Be Comin‘ Down,“ „Livin‘ in the Future,“ „Your Own Worst Enemy,“ „Gypsy Biker,“ „Girls in Their Summer Clothes,“ „I’ll Work for Your Love,“ „Last to Die,“ „Long Walk Home“ and „Devil’s Arcade.“

Details on a worldwide tour featuring the band were expected to follow. Springsteen and the E Street Band sold out arenas and stadiums around the globe during a 15-month tour behind „The Rising.“

01. Radio Nowhere
02. You’ll Be Comin‘ Down
03. Livin‘ in the Future
04. Your Own Worst Enemy
05. Gypsy Biker
06. Girls in Their Summer Clothes
07. I’ll Work for Your Love
08. Magic
09. Last to Die
10. Long Walk Home
11. Devil’s Arcade
12. Terry’s Song

Das Album kann demnächst im Bruce Springsteen Fan-Shop vorbestellt werden:

Ein „Quick-Tour“ soll im Herbst folgen. Weitere Infos gibt es in den nächsten Tagen!


Aug 1 2007

Terry Magovern verstorben

Springsteen & Magovern

Bruce Springsteen langjähriger Assistent und Bodyguard Terry Magovern ist vorgestern im Alter von 67 Jahren verstorben.

Jersey Shore music veteran Terry Magovern dies
Frank „Terry“ Magovern, an influential presence on the Jersey Shore music scene for some 40 years, died Monday .
Magovern, of Rumson, was an early fan and supporter of Bruce Springsteen and many other musicians in Asbury Park’s seminal music scene … weiterlesen


Jul 30 2007

UPDATE: Album News

Breaking News

++ 30. Juli ’07 – Veröffentlichungstermin: 01. Oktober ++
Ein holländischer Plattenladen namens „Free Record Shop“ kündigt für den 01. Oktober 2007 folgende Neuerscheinungen an:

– Bob Dylan Dylan (3cd)
– Annie Lennox New Album
– Rod Stewart Do Wop Classics
Bruce Springsteen New Album
– Shakira Live DVD Quelle

++ 21. Juli ’07 – Patti Scialfa spricht Klartext ++
Auf einer Reise nach Rom sagte Patti Scialfa in einem Interview folgendes:
The New album is coming out October 2, 2007, followed by a year long tour with the full E Street Band, lasting through Autumn 2008. The new album is mostly hard rocking, but some of the cuts are a mix between Tunnel of Love and The Rising in consistency. The entire band was involved with the recording process.
One of the tracks is called „Dead Ringers“, but it is not the title track. That is yet to be decided.

++ 13. Juli ’07 – K2 meldet sich erneut zu Wort! ++
About as certain as we can get at this point: The new album has been recorded with members of the ESB already having contributed. Additional tracks are being recorded with and without the ESB. As can best be described at this point is the album is a cross between TOL and The Rising with some „rock“ songs and a number of songs pared down. Having trouble describing the sound, but a lot of production is being used wth the versions already recorded. Different versions of each song are being recorded (with and without members of the ESB) and the final versions of about half the album have not been settled on. It was agreed to go ahead with announcing a new recording since it is fully anticipated the final recording phases will go very quickly. The good news is a flurry of recording will be ongoing over the next few weeks with August to be the month of final production, etc. Although a given, the album will have a least 10 songs with a goal of about 13 being projected.

What is interesting is the most definitive and positive news relates to the tour, which will be the last for the entire ESB. Rehearsals for the tour are once again scheduled for AP around Labor Day. Look for the tour to kick off on or about 10/02/2007 in New York with a quick swing around the country until the end of November. All of the major cities, to include LA, DC, Philly, Boston, Chicago, etc. will be covered. The month of December will include a quick tour of Europe, about 10 shows or so. January and part of February look to be time off with a full world tour to begin in full effect during the Spring of 2008 (Feb/March) with outdoor arena shows scheduled for the summer of 2008. The U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia, will all be on the schedule. Bottom line is that we are now entering the final stages in preparation for the final ESB world tour. Stay tuned.

++ 29. Juni ’07 – Erscheinungstermin 04.09.2007 ? ++
Folgende Meldung wurde heute auf veröffentlicht:
Just met with a Sony rep. (I work in advertising)….
and she handed me a list of upcoming key Sony
releases. Bruce Springsteen and the E St. Band
are listed for 9/4.

++ 21. Juni ’07 – K2 meldet sich erneut zu Wort! ++
A quick update: Things seem very much on course for an approximate mid-September release of the new album. Rehearsals at AP will begin during the month with the Tour set to begin in the United States in October. Looks like Europe may be on the schedule from Thanksgiving through the end of the year. All still tentative, but it is all beginning to come together. Will keep you posted

++ 10. Mai ’07 – Tourstart doch im September? ++
Little Stevens Underground Radio DJ „KID LEO“ bestätigte gestern Abend ‚on Air‘, dass die Tour im September 2007 beginnen wird. Ausserdem wird Bruce gemeinsam mit der E-Street Band beim Super-Bowl Finale 2008 auftreten.
Quelle: Greasylake Forum

++ 08. Mai ’07 – K2 meldet sich erneut zu Wort ++
A quick update along with some good news and bad news. The good news from the studio is that a number of new songs have been completed for the new CD/Album. All of the songs were initially recorded solo with different members from the ESB making studio appearances to lay down certain tracks. As a result, different versions of SOME of the songs have been completed. Some of the songs with members of the band are true rockers while others, to include the ones recorded solo or with Bruce playing different instruments, mirror some of the slower songs from The Rising. All-in-all the next month or so will focus on the selection of „the right“ version of the songs to be included on the album. Although not all the members of the ESB will have participated in the recording of this album, as of this date, a number of songs on this upcoming CD/Album lend themselves to the inclusion of the full band. Like other recording sessions and with increasing frequency, Bruce is recording a number of these songs playing all of the instruments. Technology, confidence in playing a variety of instruments, and a home studio have had a significant on recording overall and this CD/Album in particular. With the business side of finalizing the album to take the next couple of months (photography, production, distribution schedule etc.) look for the release to happen not until September since July is usually the vacation month. At this time, the recording has been given a project name, but the title of the CD/Album has yet to be decided. Now the bad news, with the pace of the recording, the tour will take place. At this time the month of September is shaping up as the rehearsal month with October being the tentative start date. Also, there are lots of discussion about the tour opening in Europe, but that is tentative at this time. Bottom line is that a new album and tour, as of right now, will most likely be here before the leaves fall.

++ 10. April ’07 – Little Steven Interview ++
Little Steven van Zandt bestätigte in einem Interview, dass bald ein neues Springsteen & the E-Street Band Album erscheinen wird:

„We gotta make a record, which could happen soon,“ he tells Spinner. „I don’t have any reason to say this other than my own instinct, but I just get a vibe it’s going to be sooner than later it. Once that’s done, we’re very fast. [Bruce] literally could call me today, we could have a new album out and be on the road within three months. We tend to get better as we get older — maybe not better looking but better with the craft.“

++ 22. März ’07 – Ein weiterer „Insider“ meldet sich zu Wort ++
From what I hear, everyone (and I mean all of the players) are now in good shape to do a very long tour, everyone is ready and looking forward to it, some have completed their parts on the new recording, the new recording according to my sources is off the hook and a hard rockin BRUCE/ESB release as it was in the old days, the producer is right on the money capturing that trade mark e-street sound, it was originally set to be a 14 song album and has now grown to be 17 songs. All that’s left now is for the phone to ring, but their ALL READY TO GO!
And I would not tell you this if I was not sure it was on the money, you are all great fans of this legendary entertainer and all entertainers like Bruce owe it all to their fans. I’m sure I am not betraying anyone with releasing this information

++ 18. März ’07 – News von „K2“ ++
Just a little news at this time. Recording continues in Atlanta with recording to take place all week long this week. What has been recorded has been slow in coming and has featured members of the ESB, specifically Max and Nils. The foundation for each song on the new album (a lot of songs overall) has been set and look for the finishing touches to be put on the album during April and May. Members of the ESB will then be brought together collectively to record those songs to be designated as full band songs. Suprisingly, what has been recorded has been met with satisfaction. At this time, the tour will probably begin in late September or October. All the other information concerning problems within the ESB, are untrue.

++ 07. März ’07 ++
Nachdem Bruce Springsteen schon im Januar mit drei E-Street Band Mitgliedern an einem neuen Album gearbeitet haben soll, steht an diesem Wochenende angeblich eine weitere Session mit allen E-Street Band Musikern in den ”Southern Tracks Studios” von Atlanta, GA auf dem Programm.

++ 01. März ’07 ++ bestätigt Studioaufnahmen mit der E-Street Band:

… but we’re still under the impression that we’ll be seeing much more of Bruce as the year rolls along. All signs point to ongoing recording in Atlanta, Bruce being joined by at least a handful of E Streeters. For now, though, there ain’t much more to say about what might come out of it …

++ 28. Februar ‘07 ++
Der belgische Radiosender RADIO1 meldet, dass ein neues Bruce Springsteen Album am 03. September 2007 erscheinen wird. Die Bestätigung von SONY soll in den nächsten Tagen folgen.

++ 20. Februar ‘07 ++
In der “Springsteen Yahoo Group” wurde heute folgender Beitrag gepostet:

I am saddened to report that an E-ST [intact] tour looks NOT very good. Like all BIG $ enterprizes it’s about money. The old standard equal shares at all tour stops policy, [1 share each band member, sound director, road crew [shares a share] has given way to someone putting a new thought in Bruce’s ear about $ [who’s the writer honey, who did they come to see honey…].
There was studio time booked in April for an E – ST cd, which has been cancelled…..
And from Clarence’s mouth to my ear, he’s not in…. right now they are trying to negotiate, & or replace the sax … don’t be surprised if you see the Miami horns instead.
However, the promoters are being questioned about chipping in more $ to ‘even’ the shares & that my friends spells sheds in the summer only! But, it doesn’t look good from here for an intact E-ST tour.
Kevin John Allen

++ 02. Februar ‘07 – News von „K2“ ++
Bruce Springsteen “Insider” K2 hat sich in einem amerikanischen Fanboard wieder einmal zu Wort gemeldet und folgende Stellungnahme abgegeben:

FYI, There have been some studio sessions involving what is being characterized as “tinkering” with some new material. This is how the process normally involves. First some sessions at the home studio, then progressing to an enhanced studio, in this case in Atlanta once again, where the goal is to develop a project and a plan for the recording of the material. All of the sessions for the new material have been mainly solo base tracks. Look for the band to become more involved over the next two to three months. Also an additional project relative to the re-recording of older material continues. It will be interesting to see what comes out of this project since a lot of much older unreleased material is being grouped together and re-recorded. Although some of the material is from the Darkness/River eras, some of this older material also appears to be left overs from the TOL and early 90s. No firm plan on what will be the outcome of this. However, progression continues on a new album with the ESB as the primary goal. At this time, it also looks like the earliest time for the start of the next tour will be August 2007.

++ Gerüchte vom 26. Januar ‘07 ++
Bruce Springsteen soll mit Brendan O’Brien nach Atlanta zurück gekehrt sein, um weiter am neuen Album zu feilen. Eventuell werden in Kürze weitere Aufnahmen in Nashville stattfinden.

++ Gerüchte vom 24. Januar ‘07 ++
Neben Nils Lofgrens Besuch im Hause Springsteen, soll es auch in Nashville Probeaufnahmen mit der E-Street Band gegeben haben.
Die Session wurde jedoch wegen anderweitigen Verpflichtungen der Musiker kurzzeitig unterbrochen. Ferner soll wie schon bei “The Rising” Brendan O`Brien als Produzent auftreten. Möglicher Co-Producer könnte “Little” Steven van Zandt sein.

++ meldete am 19. Januar ‘07 ++
Birdies are telling us that recording has been underway at Springsteen’s home studio, including Nils Lofgren in from Arizona. We’ll let you know if/when the squawking gets louder.

Mehr Infos folgen demnächst…