Clarence Clemons Neffe Jake veröffentlicht Studioalbum

Clarence Clemons Neffe Jake hat im April 2011 sein erstes Studioalbum (bzw. EP) veröffentlicht. „It’s On“ wurde von Brett Mayer in den MSR Studios, New York, NY produziert und umfasst 6 Songs.


Drop Down
Love’ll Never Change
All I Need
A Fool in Love
It’s On

Sämtliche Songs kann man sich bis auf weiteres auf Jake Clemons „Bandcamp“ Homepage kostenlos anhören. Alternativ kann man das komplette Album auf iTunes bzw. downloaden.

Über Jake Clemons:

Jake Clemons has been performing his whole life.  As a child his family would travel cross-country singing and performing musical theater. Son of a former Marine Corps band director and nephew of an international rock and roll icon, Jake was exposed to all sorts of music and entertainment from an early age.  His father, known for his tightly regimented and elaborate performances that put him before 4 presidents, and his uncle, a key element in the direction of rock music as we know it, all gave Jake a platform to grow from and to find his own personal relationship between creation and performance, one that he holds close and without compromise.

Ausserdem war Jake Clemons während der „Working on a Dream“ Tour auch mit Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band auf der Bühne. Am 11. Juli 2008 performte er mit Bruce Springsteen den Song „10th Avenue Freeze Out“ in der „RDS Arena“, Dublin.

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