Gaslight Anthem – Handwritten – First Listen

Am kommenden Freitag erscheint das vierte The Gaslight Anthem Studioalbum “Handwritten”.
Auf der Homepage haben Fans bereits jetzt die Möglichkeit, das komplette Album kostenlos und in voller Länge zu hören. berichtet:

The Gaslight Anthem specializes in bombastically Springsteenian rock ‘n’ roll that isn’t well-served by lyric sheets: A significant percentage of the New Jersey band’s songs could just as easily be titled “American Radio on Fire, Girl.” Still, Brian Fallon always infuses his songs with just the right blast of vein-bursting conviction, whether he’s shouting about driving with the radio on or reflecting on youth and mortality. Come to think of it, in Fallon’s world, those subjects are interchangeable and all-consuming.
Each of The Gaslight Anthem’s last three albums — 2008’s The ’59 Sound, 2010’s American Slang and Handwritten, out July 24 — features one perfect song and a bunch more terrific ones. In the title track from The ’59 Sound, Fallon obsesses over the last music we hear before we die (there’s that “radio + death” formula again), while American Slang’s “Stay Lucky” documents the pitfalls of survival, conjuring decades of letdowns in the words, “Everybody used to call you Lucky when you were young.” … weiterlesen und Stream

In Deutschland liegt das Album am Freitag – 20. Juli 2012 – in den Geschäften aus. Es wird es neben dem Album und einer Vinyl LP ausserdem eine Limited Deluxe Version mit 3 exklusiven Bonus Tracks geben. Das Album kann auch im Fanshop bestellt werden.

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