Interview: „Springsteen steps out of the Darkness“

Shane Hegarty von der „Irish Times“ traf Bruce Springsteen während des „International Film Festival“ in Toronto. Am vergangenen Samstag wurden Teile dieses Interviews in der „Irish Times“ veröffentlicht:

Auszug aus der Interview:

Springsteen steps out of the Darkness
An Italian Restaurant on a calm street in downtown Toronto. Bruce Springsteen sits on the inside of a long table, his back to the wall, the focus of such attention from the group lunching with him, who are leaning in towards him, that it would be understandable if the singer asked everyone to just back off a bit. He doesn’t. He talks on, answers every question and indulges those trying to hog the encounter, while making sure to address those at its edges … weiterlesen

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