Little Steven produziert neuen Song

E Street Band Gitarrist Little Steven van Zandt hat mit der norwegischen (Frauen) Band „The Cocktail Slippers“ den Song „St. Valentine’s Day Massacre“ eingespielt:

CD Review:

Cocktail Slippers „St. Valentine’s Day Massacre”
Published February 13th:
ROCK (Wicked Cool Record Co.)

When a dude labels his anthology series „The Coolest Songs in the World” and backs up his audacious claim through seven solid volumes of garage-rock manna from heaven, his musical recommendations can be trusted implicitly. So, if Steven Van Zandt loves the Cocktail Slippers, you should, too.

The E Street Band guitarist and creator/host of „Little Steven’s Underground Garage” is so enamored of this all-girl Norwegian quintet that he signed the group to his Wicked Cool label in 2007 for their U.S. album debut, „Mastermind.” He even kicked in a few original songs, including the title cut on the Slippers’ latest, „St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.” On it, Van Zandt’s touch immediately is felt in the ’60s girl-group-influenced rhythm, keyboard and backing-vocal arrangement that also recalls the ’70s Runaways and ’80s Go-Go’s.

Ferner spricht Little Steven in einem Interview mit dem norwegischen Fernsehsender NRK über die „Working on a Dream Tour“ und den anstehenden Auftritt in Bergen.

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