Neues Elliott Murphy Studioalbum: „Aquashow Deconstructed“

Bruce Springsteen lernte Elliott Murphy in den frühen 1970er Jahren in New York kennen und schätzen.

Der „Boss“ erklärte sich im Jahre 1976 spontan bereit, beim vierten Elliott Murphy Studioalbum „Just a Story from America“ mitzuarbeiten. Ausserdem ist Bruce Springsteens Gitarrenspiel auch auf „Selling The Gold“ (1996) zu hören.

Seit Anfang der 1990er Jahre ist Elliott Murphy ein gern gesehener Gast bei diversen Bruce Springsteen Konzerten. Bisher begrüsste Springsteen den aus New York City stammenden Künstler sechszehn Mal auf der Bühne.

Unter anderem trat Elliott Murphy bei drei Shows der „Wrecking Ball World Tour 2012/2013“ im „Stadio Nereo Rocco“ in Triest (Italien), in der „Friends Arena“ in Solna (Schweden) und im „Stade de France“ in Paris auf.

Am 10. April 2015 erscheint das neue Elliott Murphy Studioalbum „Aquashow Deconstructed“. Vor mittlerweile 42 Jahren veröffentlichte Elliott Murphy sein Debütalbum „Aquashow“ und wurde von den Kritikern in den Himmel gelobt. Nun hat der 66jährige Künstler alle Kompositionen mit modernem Aufnahme Equipment neu eingespielt.


  1. Last of the Rock Stars
  2. How’s the Family
  3. Hangin‘ Out
  4. Hometown
  5. Graveyard Scrapbook
  6. Poise’n’pen
  7. Marilyn
  8. White Middle Class Blues
  9. Like a Great Gatsby
  10. Don’t Go Away

Weitere Infos:

Elliott Murphy’s new album Aquashow Deconstructed is the long-awaited return visit to his classic first album Aquashow (1973) where each of the ten original songs have been re-recorded with stunning new arrangements, intense vocals and renewed excitement.
The original album title came from his father’s 1950’s watershow and the seeds for these songs were planted while Elliott was busking for change in Europe in 1971. He explains: „Even though the original Aquashow album was released in 1973, the songs have always stayed with me as I continue to play many of them, particularly ‚Last of the Rock Stars,‘ ‚How’s The Family‘ and ‚White Middle Class Blues‘ in concert. Now, forty years later, I decided to record these songs again, in a different way, deconstructed, while maintaining the integrity and emotional link to the original. It was quite an intense for me, to revisit these same songs with my son at the recording desk so many years later.“ Aquashow Deconstructed will give Aquashow a well-deserved second life (Prestigious UK music magazine UNCUT recently called it an album classic) bridging the last century to the current one. This was the album that critics heaped praise and proclaimed Murphy the new Bob Dylan, Lou Reed or even, F. Scott Fitzgerald.
Aquashow Deconstructed will be an instant classic for the legions of long time Elliott Murphy fans and also the perfect album to introduce new listeners to his music. In today’s instant celebrity atmosphere it is rare that an album is released with such a historic story behind it. Elliott’s son Gaspard Murphy has produced this album with young ears (he is now the same age Elliott was when he recorded the original – 24 years old) and Elliott himself tried to play as many of the instruments as possible with brilliant contributions from his long time virtuoso guitarist Olivier Durand. And, as you might expect, like the original, Elliott is sporting a dandyish white suit on the cover! A classic album is reborn!

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