Golden Globe für Bruce Springsteen

Nach dem „Critics Choice Award“ hat Bruce Springsteen gestern Nacht auch den Golden Globe für seine Filmmusik zu „The Wrestler“ gewonnen. „The Wrestler“ wird auf dem neuen Bruce Springsteen Album „Working on a Dream“ veröffentlicht.

Bruce Springsteen war in Los Angeles anwesend und hielt folgende Rede:

This is the only time I’m gonna be in competition with Clint Eastwood. Felt pretty good, too!
Anyway, Mickey called me in Ireland and he asked me for some music.He told me a little bit about the character; he said some people invest themselves in their pain, and they turn away from love and the things that strengthen and nurture their lives. He said this was a guy that hadn’t figured that out. So I said, „Well, I know a couple of those guys….“ And so, the song.
First and foremost, I’d like to thank Mickey – without the call I wouldn’t have written the song, without his inspiration – thank you, brother, for a beautiful performance, thank you for thinking of me!
I’d like to thank Darren and all the folks involved with the film, for letting me be a small part of their picture – thank you.
Love to my strong and lovely wife Patti; hello to Evan, Jess and Sam at home. Happy birthday, Big Man Clarence Clemons.

Golden Globe – Kategorie 14 – Best Original Song – die Nominierten:

“THE WRESTLER” — The Wrestler
Music & Lyrics by: Bruce Springsteen

Music by: Peter Gabriel, Thomas Newman
Lyrics by: Peter Gabriel

“GRAN TORINO” — Gran Torino
Music by: Clint Eastwood, Jamie Cullum, Kyle Eastwood, Michael Stevens
Lyrics by: Kyle Eastwood, Michael Stevens

Music & Lyrics by: Miley Cyrus, Jeffrey Steele

“ONCE IN A LIFETIME” — Cadillac Records
Music & Lyrics by: Beyoncé Knowles, Amanda Ghost, Scott McFarnon, Ian Dench, James Dring, Jody Street

Die Oscar Nominationen in allen Kategorien werden am 22. Januar 2009 bekannt gegeben.  Es wird gemunkelt, dass Bruce ebenfalls vorgeschlagen wurde. Die Oscar-Gala findet einen Monat später in Los Angeles, CA statt.

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