Nils Lofgren Interview mit Guitar International

In drei Wochen erscheint Nils Lofgren neues Soloalbum „Old School“. Der in Phoenix, AZ lebende Musiker führte vor wenigen Tagen mit „Guitar International“ ein ausführliches Interview. Unter anderem spricht Lofgren über das neue Album sowie über die E Street Band.

Auszug aus dem Online Bericht:

Nils Lofgren Interview – New Album, Springsteen and Jerry Lee Lewis
Rob: With the passing of Clarence Clemons, I know there are rumors about the status of the E-Street Band. Can you set the record straight and put our minds at ease that everything is going to be ok?
Nils Lofgren: For me, nothing is ok. We loved Clarence and his memory lives on. We miss him terribly. We had a strong friendship off stage, and I spoke to him at least one a week. Honestly there are no plans; it’s an ominous and complex thing to address. As a band member and not the leader, I’m giving myself time to grieve. It’s really not my call, and whatever Bruce decides to do is with him. I love him, and he is a powerful friend. I’m behind whatever he wants to do. It’s a heavy responsibility that lies with him.

Nils Lofgren neues Album „Old School“ erscheint am 9. Dezember 2011 und kann bereits über oder dem Stonepony Shop bestellt werden.

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