Mrz 26 2007

“REIGN OVER ME” – neuer Film mit Springsteen Soundtrack

Reign over me

Am 23. März 2007 läuft in den USA ein neuer Film namens “Reign over me” an. (Deutscher Titel: “Die Liebe in mir”)

Die Story:
Charlie Fineman (ADAM SANDLER) hat seine Familie bei den Terroranschlägen vom 11. September verloren und leidet bis heute an den Folgen dieses Traumas. Als er eines Tages in New York zufällig seinem ehemaligen College-Zimmergenossen Alan (DON CHEADLE) über den Weg läuft, ist dieser fest entschlossen, ihre alte Freundschaft wieder aufleben zu lassen und Charlie dabei zu helfen, mit seinem großen Verlust fertig zu werden.
Neben Adam Sandler (“Klick”) und Don Cheadle (“L.A. Crash”) spielen Jada Pinkett Smith (“Matrix”) und Liv Tyler (“Herr der Ringe”) unter der Regie von Mike Binder (“An Deiner Schulter”), der auch das Drehbuch schrieb, in diesem bewegenden Drama über Freundschaft, Liebe und Verlust.

Neben Graham Nash, The Pretenders, Marc Cohn, Jackson Browne, The Who und Pearl Jam steuerte auch Bruce Springsteen zwei Songs aus dem “River” Album bei. Zu hören sind “Out in the Street” und “Drive all Night”.

Der Film läuft am 23. August 2007 in Deutschland an.

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Mrz 22 2007

Neue Dokumentation: “A Good Life: The Joe Grushecky Story”

A Good Life

Derzeit entsteht ein Dokumentarfilm über das Lebenswerk des Musikers Joe Grushecky. Der Streifen mit dem Titel “A Good Life: The Joe Grushecky Story” befindet sich derzeit in der Produktion und wird im Sommer als Bestandteil der “Joe Grushecky Essential CD” veröffentlicht. Mit dabei ist natürlich auch Joe Grusheckys Freund Bruce Springsteen.

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Mrz 15 2007

Patti Smith in “Rock’n Roll Hall of Fame” aufgenommen

Rock'n Roll Hall of Fame

Am 12. März 2007 wurde Patti Smith offiziell in die “Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame” in Cleveland, Ohio aufgenommen. Die am 30. Dezember 1946 in Chicago geborene Rockmusikerin bedankte sich in ihrer Rede ausdrücklich bei Bruce Springsteen und dessen Song “Because the Night”.

The night’s biggest ovation may have been for the woman who swore she’d never make it in: Patti Smith. The bohemian poet straddled the hippie and punk eras, with her album “Horses” setting a standard for literate rock. At the induction ceremony, she performed her biggest hit, “Because the Night,” co-written with Bruce Springsteen, and the Rolling Stones’ classic, “Gimme Shelter.” Ganzen Bericht lesen

Mehr Infos findet man auf der Homepage der Rock’n
Roll Hall of Fame
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Feb 27 2007

Bruce Springsteen beim nächsten Super Bowl?


Bruce Springsteen soll bei der nächsten “Super Bowl” Halbzeit Show auftreten:

From Variety:

Bruce Springsteen and Norah Jones are at the top of the list. The NFL is hoping the recent successes of Prince, the Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney can be used as leverage to bring in the Boss while Jones would be ideal to sing the National Anthem during the pregame ceremonies, according to NFL VP of programming Charles Coplin.Quelle


Feb 24 2007

UPDATE: “Glitter in the Gutter” von Jesse Malin

Jesse Malin - Glitter in the Gutter

Bruce Springsteen wird auf dem neuen Jesse Malin Album “Glitter in the Gutter” mit dem Song “Broken Radio” zu hören sein:

Jesse Malin
Glitter in the Gutter

NYC’s finest returns with guest appearances from Bruce Springsteen, Josh Homme, Ryan Adams and Jakob Dylan!

One Little Indian / RTD
VÖ: 02.03.2007

Glitter in the Gutter is the new album from NYC’s Jesse Malin, an artist who has transcended tags like “singer/songwriter” for something different and largely indefinable.

Penned “a fearless storyteller”

(music critic Nigel Williamson), after releasing two critically acclaimed albums The Fine Art of Self Destruction and The Heat, Jesse has established himself as a career musician who writes songs that connect on so many levels that above all, he’s a healer. The songs on Glitter in the Gutter have kept the intimate slice of life and detail of his previous records but also work on a larger palate. Jesse writes locally but thinks globally and makes his songs identifiable so that they can connect with people in every part of the world.

On this new album, he writes about hope, struggles and smiles; about finding ways “to keep on keeping on.” Through his characters, like the woman who searches for salvation across the car radio dials in his song “Broken Radio”, or the kid hiding his face in the cereal box in “Modern World”, Malin points out “the little things that keep us laughing.” Malin is able to convey happiness and sadness in the same note. This happens throughout Glitter in the Gutter. He explains that Glitter in the Gutter is “just a record about people and the things we do to stay alive.”

The available time and iconography surrounding Glitter in the Gutter allowed Jesse to make the album he’s only hinted at with previous releases. “I’ve never made a record outside of New York my whole life—not even above 14th Street—so it was a different experience to be locked away in California,” he explains about the experience of recording the album in Los Angeles. “Right before we came out to [to California] I lost my apartment in New York, so I threw everything in storage in Queens and packed my life in a suitcase. So, yeah, this album had a lot of transient fugitive properties.”

Whether it was that type of personal impermanence or the uncertainty of our country’s future, Glitter in the Gutter is a wide musical spectrum. This album is an up-tempo, raw modern pop record that feels like a celebration of life as well as a rally to arms from the minute it begins with the anthemic opener “Don’t Let The Take You Down”. Glitter contains some work from guests of fellow musicians that Jesse has met on the road over the last 3 years, such as Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme, who plays his signature guitar riffs on “Tomorrow Tonight” and Chris Shifflet of the Foo Fighters, whose iron fisted rhythms appear on “Prisoners of Paradise”. Jakob Dylan adds sweet sad harmonies on “Black Haired Girl” and there is a piano fueled duet with Bruce Springsteen titled “Broken Radio” that includes the sonic jubilee of Ryan Adams on electric guitar. There are also some other very special moments with Ryan (producer of Malin’s debut The Fine Art of Self Destruction, old pal and sometimes partner in crime) like his Latina guitar and back-ups vocals on the album closer “Aftermath”, and his blistering rock on “Modern World” and “Little Star”. Jesse remarks, “to me it’s all about songs, whether written by Elton John or Wilco or The Bad Brains”.

Jesse finds comfort in the transient life of living out of a suitcase and being under the hot stage lights sweating with the crowd. A Queens born NY native who now resides downtown Manhattan, he grew up touring in punk bands (DGeneration and Heart Attack). He will spend most of the year touring with his new rock band The Heat. Jesse feels that “being in a rock band is like being in a gang. Music should make you want to run through the streets with your pals, or make you want to fall in love or raise a glass.”

Of the live experience, he believes “it is equally, if not more important to the connection, especially in these days of enhanced home entertainment computerized addictions. How else can you get people out of their houses today?” he quips. When he performs, it’s about interaction through participation. He gives his fans something to celebrate. When he sits down on the floor among the crowd in mid-song, everyone follows.

“We were born in flames, maiden names, suburban homes, make your bones Bite your lip, take the fifth, know your rights, it’s your life now Don’t let them take you down….it’s a beautiful day.”

Bornholmer str.4
10439 berlin

Jesse Malin & Bruce Springsteen

Bisherige Jesse Malin Veröffentlichungen:
169 – EP – (2000)
The Fine Art of Self Destruction – (2002)
The Wendy EP – EP – (2003)
Messed Up Here Tonight – Live – (2003)
The Heat – (2004)

Ferner steuerte Jesse Malin “Hungry Heart” auf dem “Light of Day: A Tribute to Bruce Springsteen” Album bei.

Homepage des Künstlers:

Die CD kann schon jetzt bei vorbestellt werden. Mehr Infos hier.