Pete Seeger & Bruce Springsteen – „God is Counting on Us“

Bruce Springsteen wird am neuen Pete Seeger Album mitwirken. bestätigte, dass Springsteen mit der 92jährigen Musiklegende den Song „God is Counting on Us“ eingespielt hat. Das Album soll im Sommer 2011 erscheinen. berichtet:

Bruce Springsteen Guests on New Pete Seeger Album
Bruce Springsteen has recorded a new Pete Seeger song for a Seeger album that is penciled in for release this holiday season. Springsteen sings two verses and a chorus  on „God is Counting on Us,“ a song Seeger wrote in response to the oil spill in the Gulf Coast. Appleseed Recordings will release the Seeger album … weiterlesen

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