Rolling Stone Interview mit Steven van Zandt

Das „Rolling Stone Magazin“ hat Little Steven van Zandt interviewt. Unter anderem spricht der E Street Band Gitarrist über die Grammy Show und die anstehende „Wrecking Ball World Tour 2012“.

Das „Rolling Stone Magazin“ berichtet:

Exclusive Q&A: Steve Van Zandt on New Show, Life Without Clarence Clemons
Did you enjoy The Grammys last night?
It was fun, actually. There was a bit of sadness hanging over the whole proceedings, but they turned it into more of a celebration of life rather than focusing on the sad parts.

Are you doing rehearsal shows before the tour begins?
I don’t know yet. At the moment, our rehearsal show would be The Apollo, which is only the most important venue of all time. So, we gotta make sure we don’t get the hook. What usually happens is we open up rehearsals near the end and bring people in. That’s probably will be the same thing that’ll happen here. We’ll do something before The Apollo, I’m sure. You don’t want to start with a live broadcast never having made it through the set. Even for us, that’s a bit much – although we do like challenges. Like what we did last night. That was fun.

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