Rolling Stone Magazin: Interview mit Bruce Springsteen

„Wrecking Ball“ ist eine vernichtende Anklage gegen die Gier der Wall Street Broker. Produzent Ron Aniello hat mir die Möglichkeit gegeben, mit verschiedenen Sounds zu experimentieren.

So wird Bruce Springsteen in einem Interview mit dem amerikanischen Rolling Stone Magazin zitiert. Weiter erklärte der Künstler, dass „Rocky Ground“ von Hip Hop Einflüssen geprägt ist. Ausserdem ist „Death to my Hometown“ ein Song, der an irischen Folk erinnert. Darüber hinaus ist Clarence Clemons Saxophonspiel bei „Land of Hope and Dreams“ zu hören.

Das Rolling Stone Magazin berichtet:

Exclusive: Bruce Springsteen Explains His Experimental New Album
The result was Wrecking Ball, a scathing indictment of Wall Street greed and corruption and a look into the devastation it has wrought. „This is as direct a record as I ever made,“ Springsteen tells Rolling Stone. „That’s with the possible exception of Nebraska, which this record has a lot in common with.“
The stark subject matter is paired with an experimental sonic palette that Springsteen created with producer Ron Aniello. „The record basically started out as folk music – just me and a guitar singing these songs,“ says Springsteen. „Then Ron brought a large library of sound that allowed me to explore – like  maybe a hip-hop drum loop or country-blues stomp loop. The actual drums came later. There was no preconceived set of instruments that needed to be used, I could go anywhere, do anything, use anything. It was very wide open.“
Album opener „We Take Care of Our Own“ poses a question: Do Americans take care of their own? The songs that follow make the answer clear: The narrator of the slow waltz „Jack of All Trades“ struggles to find work, while the anti-hero of the country-folk stomper „Easy Money“ decides to imitate „all them fat cats“ on Wall Street by turning to crime. The similarly uptempo „Shackled and Drawn,“ meanwhile, offers a political analysis worthy of Woody Guthrie: „Gambling man rolls the dice, workingman pays the bill/ It’s still fat and easy up on banker’s hill/ Up on banker’s hill, the party’s going strong/ Down here below we’re shackled and drawn.“

Bruce Springsteens siebzehntes Studioalbum “Wrecking Ball” wird am 2. März in Deutschland erscheinen. Das Werk kann auf bzw. im Stonepony Fanshop vorbestellt werden. In Deutschland wird es das Standard-Album (ohne Bonus Tracks), eine Special Edition (mit Bonus Tracks) sowie eine Doppel-Vinyl-LP geben.

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