Rolling Stone Magazin: Interview mit Nils Lofgren

Das amerikanische Rolling Stone Magazin hat heute ein Interview mit Nils Lofgren veröffentlicht. Der 61jährige spricht unter anderem über die Wrecking Ball World Tour, die bis zu 4 Stunden langen Konzerte in Europa und eine mögliche Tourverlängerung.

Ein kurzer Auszug:

How does it feel to walk offstage after playing a show for three hours and 48 minutes?
Basically, this is something that has not changed since I joined the band 28 years ago. At the end of every show, I remain exhausted and exhilarated. I’m completely tired and wired … wound up like a top and exhausted. Appropriately. We’re covering a lot of emotional territory. One of the things I kind of love about Bruce is that he wants you to feel the deep kind of songs that might bring a tear to your eye and really make you feel some uncomfortable things, but are important things not to dodge.

Are you looking forward to playing American stadiums next month?
Yeah, I love playing for people. Every audience is free to enjoy as they wish. But I miss home. Thank God, my wife Amy is with me, finally. I’ve got four dogs at home, lots of extended family and friends. Like I said, 44 years on the road. I’m homesick. Touring in America is cool because you can go home during breaks. Three days off here, you can’t go home.

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