Mai 16 2021

Springsteen nimmt “Woody Guthrie Award” entgegen und kündigt neues Album an

“I have always said that Bob Dylan was the father of my country, but Woody Guthrie was the grandfather of my country” sagte Bruce Springsteen am vergangenen Donnerstag- 13. Mai 2021 – anlässlich der Verleihung des diesjährigen “Woody Guthrie Awards”.

Der Preis wird seit 2014 an Künstler verliehen, die auf den Spuren des amerikanischen Folkmusikers Woody Guthrie (1912 – 1967) wandern und Menschen eine Plattform geben, die abseits der Gesellschaft stehen. Bisher wurde der Award an Pete Seeger (2014), Marvis Staples (2015), Kris Kristofferson (2016), Normal Lear (2017), John Mellencamp (2018), Chuck D (2019) und Joan Baez (2020) vergeben.

Die diesjährige Preisverleihung wurde von Nora Guthrie – der im Jahre 1950 geborenen Tochter von Woody Guthrie – virtuell präsentiert. Bruce Springsteen wurde aus seiner “Stone Hill Farm” in Colts Neck, NJ zugeschaltet und performte mit “Tom Joad”, “Deportee (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos)”, “Across the Border” und “The Ghost of Tom Joad” vier Songs.

Während der Preisverleihung gab Bruce Springsteen ganz beiläufig zu Protokoll, dass sich seine Fans “auf ein neues Album freuen dürfen”.

Bruce Springsteen sagte:

“We have a record coming out soon that’s set largely in the West”

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Apr 23 2010

Ellis Island Award für Bruce Springsteen

Bruce und Adele Springsteen wurden gestern mit dem “Ellis Island Family Heritage Award” ausgezeichnet. Jedes Jahr vergibt die “Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation” Preise an Einwanderer, die New York über den Hafen von Ellis Island erreicht haben.
Springsteens Grossvater Antonio Zerelli (oder Zirilli – * 05.05.1871) wanderte im Jahre 1900 nach Amerika ein.

Die offizielle Pressemeldung:

On April 22, 2010 in the historic Great Hall on Ellis Island four esteemed individuals were honored by The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc. for their contributions to the American Dream.
The 9th Annual Ellis Island Family Heritage Awards, given annually to a select number of Port of New York and Ellis Island immigrants or their descendants, along with the B.C. Forbes Peopling of America® Award were presented by Lee A. Iacocca, Founding Chairman of the Foundation, and Thomas L. Strickland, Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks, U.S. Department of the Interior, in an 11:00 a.m. ceremony hosted by NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams at the Ellis Island Immigration Museum.
The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation presents the Ellis Island Family Heritage Awards to celebrate the Golden Door to America for the 17 million immigrants who came to this country through the Port of New York and Ellis Island. The B.C. Forbes Peopling of America® Award, sponsored by the Forbes Family, honors the lives of immigrants who arrived at another time or through another port of entry. Each year, a select number of these immigrants or their descendants are chosen through a process that is guided by an Awards Committee of the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

The 2010 Ellis Island Family Heritage Award recipients are:

Bruce Springsteen
— His recording career spans more than thirty years, beginning with 1973’s Columbia Records release ‘Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ.’ He has released twenty-four albums, garnered nineteen Grammy Awards, won an Oscar, has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and is a 2009 recipient of the Kennedy Center Honors. His maternal grandfather Antonio Zerilli immigrated to America through Ellis Island from Italy in 1900.
Andrea Jung
— Elected chairman of Avon Products in September 2001, she has been CEO since November 1999. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of the General Electric Company, Apple, Catalyst, and New York Presbyterian Hospital. The daughter of Chinese immigrants, Ms. Jung came to the U.S. from Toronto as a child, is a magna cum laude graduate of Princeton University, and is fluent in Chinese (Mandarin).
Peter G. Peterson
— Founder and Chairman of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, he is Co-founder and Chairman Emeritus of the private equity firm The Blackstone Group. Peterson has served as Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, is Chairman Emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations, and was appointed Secretary of Commerce by President Nixon in 1972. His parents emigrated from Greece, arriving at Ellis Island in 1912 and 1920.
Dikembe Mutombo
— In his 18 years with the NBA, he was the first four-time Defensive Player of the Year, an eight-time NBA All-Star, and the second most prolific shot blocker in NBA history. Born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mutombo came to the U.S.A. in 1987 and became a citizen in March 2006. For the last 14 years he has dedicated himself to improving health, education and quality of life in his native Congo and across Africa.

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