Jul 23 2010

Was machen die E Street Band Musiker?

Neuigkeiten rund um Bruce Springsteen und die E Street Band gibt der derzeit kaum. Wenn man den Gerüchten Glauben schenken kann, soll der “Boss” aktuell an “Tracks Volume 2” (Release: 2011) und der “Darkness on the Edge of Town Box” (Release: Weihnachten 2010) arbeiten.

Rolling Stone Magazin schreibt:

Bruce Springsteen is rolling out a deluxe version of his classic 1978 disc Darkness on the Edge of Town  this fall, and, according to E Street Band guitarist Steve Van Zandt, the set will feature at least ten outtakes – and possibly more … weiterlesen

Einige Mitglieder der E Street Band haben sich anderen Projekten zugewandt.

Garry Tallent hat im Frühjahr ein neues Album mit Jim Lauderdale eingespielt. “Patchwork River” wurde am 11. Mai 2010 veröffentlicht. (Mehr Infos und Bestellmöglichkeit gibt’s auf Amazon.de)

Countrymusicnews.de schreibt:

Exzellente Songs – Songs, die alle irgendwie auf der Grundlage von 40 Jahren Rock, Folk, Blues und Country basieren. Ein Destillat, das mit der herrlichen, an den frühen Neil Young erinnernden Ballade “Far In The Far Away” vielleicht seine schönste Geschmacksnote entwickelt … weiterlesen

Nils Lofgren hat mit Marvis Staples und Robbie Robertson den Song “Will The Circle Be Unbroken” zum neuen Jerry Lee Lewis Album “Mean Old Man” beigesteuert. Der Silberling wird am 7. September 2010 erscheinen und kann schon jetzt auf Amazon.de vorbestellt werden.

Jerry Lee Lewis – “Mean Old Man” – Tracklist:

  1. “Mean Old Man” w. Ronnie Wood (written by Kris Kristofferson)
  2. “You Can Have Her” w. Eric Clapton/James Burton
  3. “Dead Flowers” w. Mick Jagger
  4. “Middle Age Crazy” w. Tim McGraw/Jon Brion
  5. “Rockin’ My Life Away” w. Kid Rock/Slash
  6. “You Are My Sunshine” w. Sheryl Crow/Jon Brion
  7. “Swinging Doors” w. Merle Haggard/James Burton
  8. “Hold You In My Heart” w. Shelby Lynne
  9. “I Really Don’t Want To Know” w. Gillian Welch
  10. “Railroad to Heaven” w. Solomon Burke
  11. “Sweet Virginia” w. Keith Richards
  12. “Roll Over Beethoven” w. Ringo Starr/John Mayer/Jon Brion
  13. “Bad Moon Rising” w. John Fogerty
  14. “Please Release Me” w. Gillian Welch
  15. “Whiskey River” w. Willie Nelson
  16. “Sunday Morning Coming Down”
  17. “Will The Circle Be Unbroken” w. Mavis Staples/Robbie Robertson/Nils Lofgren
  18. “Miss The Mississippi and You”

Max Weinberg hat bekanntlich dem Talkmaster Conan O’Brien den Rücken gekehrt und tourt derzeit mit seiner “Big Band” durch die USA.

Ausserdem wurde bekannt, dass sein Sohn Jay Weinberg mit der aus New York City stammenden Hardcore Formation “Madball” an einem neuen Album arbeiten soll.

Drummagazine.com schreibt:

Suddenly news about the world’s most famous drumming son, Jay Weinberg, is all over the place. Today we heard that he has accepted the drum chair with the NYC hardcore outfit Madball. Expect al helll to break loose. Singer Freddy Cricien said, “I’m very excited to have Jay on board … weiterlesen


Jul 16 2010

Darkness Visible: Photographs of Bruce Springsteen, 1975 – 1978

In der Londoner “Snap Gallery” findet ab dem 3. August bis zum 4. September 2010 eine Ausstellung mit Fotografien von Eric Meola statt. Der Künstler zählt zu den bekanntesten Fotografen unserer Zeit und zeigte sich unter anderem für das Buch “Born to Run: The Unseen Photos” verantwortlich.

In der Snap Gallery sind nun einige seiner Werke zu sehen.

Die offizielle Pressemeldung:

Darkness Visible: Photographs of Bruce Springsteen, 1975 – 1978
Photographs by Eric Meola from the Born To Run and Darkness on the Edge of Town sessions
3rd August to 4th September 2010
Well what a treat and an honour it is to showcase Eric Meola’s rare photographs of Bruce Springsteen. Eric’s seminal work on Born to Run is well known to Springsteen collectors, whereas his photographs of Bruce from 1977-8 for Darkness on the Edge of Town have remained private. Many of these session photographs have never been exhibited, or offered for sale – until now. Ultimately, Bruce chose a photograph by Eric’s good friend Frank Stefanko to use as the cover photograph for “Darkness”, but Eric’s powerful work speaks for itself and when you see these images for the first time, you will be entranced. Eric’s trademark ability to capture rich detail and texture leap out, as does his incredible natural eye for composition.
This remarkable exhibition brings together a number of previously unreleased images that Eric created for Bruce Springsteen’s 1978 album Darkness on the Edge of Town, alongside photographs from Eric’s 1975 Born To Run shoot and other sessions with Bruce Springsteen. If you can’t make it to the show, don’t worry – we have included images on the website, with full details of edition sizes, prices and physical size options. Just click on the link to the right which says “The Collection”. We have also posted an expanded PDF version of the 12 page printed exhibition catalogue, and the PDF version includes a detailed and personal essay from Eric which you won’t find in the printed version, so please do check that out.
Both Eric and I are incredibly excited about this exhibition. On the eve of shipping the exhibition prints to me, he emailed me to say “All in all, I think this is the best set of prints I’ve ever done, and I’ll be very interested in seeing how some of them do. ” Well, he’s right – they are spectacular, and I think you are going to love them as much as we do.
Each image stands alone and tells its own story. There are many highlights – a few of my personal favourites are:

  • Two fabulous 1977/1978 studio portraits, “Take ‘Em As They Come” and “Living On The Edge” deliberately blurred by Eric and shot on film with a beautiful visible grain
  • “Rattlesnake Speedway”, similar in nature as well as mood to Eric’s long sold out limited edition piece “Darkness”
  • “My Father’s House”, showing Bruce outside an ivy clad church ( if I had to pick one, this would be it )
  • “Badlands”, a powerful landscape which echoes the lyrics of the song by that name
  • The first colour photograph of Bruce Springsteen that Eric has ever offered to collectors, originally used on a very rare poster published in Billboard magazine to celebrate “Darkness” achieving platinum status
  • Three new triptych pieces based around images from the Born To Run session, including one which is 86 inches wide. These work brilliantly on walls in homes and offices where furniture placement leaves a long horizontal wall space for hanging.

Here’s how Eric recalls that period: “Sometime in the middle of 1977, I became aware that a new album was being recorded, and I heard a few lyrics from it, including a song called ‘Darkness on the Edge of Town.’ When I first heard the words, I knew that ‘Wendy’ was gone. During that summer and into the fall, Bruce was holed up at the Navarro Hotel on Central Park South. I had been lucky with the cover shot for Born to Run. Lucky in terms of being at the right place at the right time. Yes, I had nailed it, but now there was a new album, and the sense that Bruce had to prove it again was palpable.
When we got together to discuss ideas, I brought along three books. One was Robert Frank’s The Americans. Two others were David Plowden’s Commonplace, and also Desert and Plain, the Mountains and the River. Although I knew that Bruce would be drawn to Frank’s book, Plowden’s work is an acquired taste for most people, yet one which resonated with me at the time, and which, in retrospect, is echoed in much of Bruce’s lyrics. The very title Commonplace speaks to ‘My Hometown.’ The photographs of barns, gas stations, fields, doorways, churches and interiors, in places like Red Cloud, Nebraska, are the kinds of places we pass by every day, yet seldom notice. After the grandiose, operatic Born to Run, I sensed it was time for bringing it all back home.”
We hope you have the opportunity to see this unique collection at our central London gallery. We are taking orders now for Eric’s prints, which are offered in very limited editions. If you would like to place an order, or if you have any questions, please get in touch.

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Jun 29 2010

Little Steven: “Darkness Box an Weihnachten”

E Street Band Gitarrist Little Steven bestätigt in einem Interview mit EMUSIC, dass pünktlich zum diesjährigen Weihnachtsfest die “Darkness on the Edge of Town” Box – mit zehn Outtakes – erscheinen wird.

Ausserdem besuchte Little Steven van Zandt am Wochenende das “Hard Rock Calling Festival 2010”.  Auf dem Konzertgelände führte er ein Interview mit “Absolute Radio”.

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Jun 11 2010

Interessantes Interview mit Max Weinberg

Max Weinberg führte mit dem “Rolling Stone Magazin” ein interessantes Interview. Unter anderem sprach er über das sogenannte “Full Band Nebraska Album”, die “Darkness on the Edge of the Town Box” und über eine mögliche Tour mit der E Street Band.

Auszug aus dem “Rolling Stone Interview”:

Weinberg did reveal that the rumored full-band recording of Springsteen’s 1982 acoustic disc Nebraska does exist. “The E Street Band actually did record all of Nebraska and it was killing,” Weinberg says. ”

He also confirmed that a Darkness on the Edge of Town reissue is in the works.

Finally, he says the E Street Band will almost certainly mount another tour with Springsteen at some point in the future.

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Nov 19 2009

Darkness on the Edge of Town Box & Live DVD

Bruce Springsteens Manager Jon Laudau bestätigte in einem Interview mit dem “Rollings Stone Magazin”, dass im kommenden Jahr die langerwartete “Darkness on the Edge of Town Box” erscheinen wird. Ausserdem kündigte Laudau die baldige Veröffentlichung einer “Working on a Dream Tour DVD” an

“Working on a Dream Tour DVD” und “Darkness on the Edge of Town Box”:

Jon Landau, says the only plans for 2010 are the release of the long-delayed Darkness on the Edge of Town box set and a DVD of the Working on a Dream tour. “The Darkness box set is 93 percent done,” he tells RS.
… The Darkness box will likely contain a remastered edition of the disc, a new documentary about the making of the LP, as well as live footage from the 1978 tour.
As for the Dream DVD, Landau says, “We’re working on some different approaches to a DVD for this tour.

Die Zukunft der E Street Band:

There are no plans for another E Street Band album or tour next year. “We just had back-to-back tours and back-to-back records,” Landau says.

Das ganze Interview gibts hier.

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