Aug 25 2020

Live Download: Bruce Springsteen – London 2006

Seit Freitag ist in Bruce Springsteens Live-Archiv eine neue Show verfügbar! präsentiert exklusiv das Seeger Session Konzert in der Londoner “Wembley Arena” vom 11. November 2006.

Am 25. April 2006 erschien das Tribute Album “We Shall Overcome – The Seeger Sessions” zu Ehren von Pete Seeger. Das traditionelle Folkalbum wurde in den Vereinigten Staaten als DualDisc mit einem dreissigminütigen Video released. Ausserdem war das Werk mit einem aufwendigen Booklet mit Fotos und Anmerkungen von Bruce Springsteen ausgestattet.

Die “Bruce Springsteen with The Seeger Sessions Band Tour” startete am 20. April 2006 in New Orleans, LA und endete nach 62 Auftritten am 21. November 2006 in Belfast (Nordirland).

Unter anderem spielte Bruce Springsteen mit seiner 17köpfigen Band am 11. und 12. November 2006 zwei Shows in der “Wembley Arena” in London. Am ersten Abend feierte die Komposition “Long Walk Home” ihre Weltpremiere. “Long Walk Home” wurde ein Jahr später auf dem Bruce Springsteen Longplayer “Magic” erstveröffentlicht.


The Seeger Sessions tour wrapped with a string of marvelous shows across Europe and the UK. London 11/11/06 presents Bruce and The Sessions Band’s roisterous 23-song set from Wembley Arena and offers songs not featured in the New Orleans Jazz Fest Archive release or Live In Dublin including “Devils & Dust” and final encore “Froggie Went A Courtin’.” Best of all is the world premiere and only tour appearance of “Long Walk Home,” debuted as a work in progress with alternate lyrics and extra verses.


Incident on 57th Street, Blinded by the Light, Old Dan Tucker, Atlantic City, Eyes on the Prize, Jesse James, O Mary Don’t You Weep, Growin’ Up, Erie Canal, My Oklahoma Home, Devils & Dust, Mrs. McGrath, How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live?, Jacob’s Ladder, Long Time Comin’, Jesus Was An Only Son, Open All Night, Pay Me My Money Down, Long Walk Home, You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch), When the Saints Go Marching In, This Little Light of Mine, American Land, Froggie Went a Courtin’

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Jul 19 2020

Live Series: Bruce Springsteen – Stripped Down

Columbia Records veröffentlicht seit November 2018 in regelmässigen Abständen Live Song Sammlungen unter dem Titel “The Live Series”.

Bisher wurden “Songs of the Road”, “Songs of Friendship”, “Songs of Hope”, “Songs from Around the World”, “Songs Under Cover” sowie “Songs Of Summer” zum Download bereit gestellt.

Seit dem 17. Juli 2020 ist eine weitere Live-Zusammenstellung erschienen. “The Live Series: Stripped Down” umfasst 15 Songs, die Bruce Springsteen im Laufe der Jahres akustisch vor Publikum performt hat.


  1. Dancing In the Dark – Live at Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA – 10/13/1986
  2. Seeds – Live at Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA – 10/13/1986
  3. Born to Run – Live at Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY – 05/23/1988
  4. Soul Driver – Live at The Shrine, Los Angeles, CA – 11/16/1990
  5. Bobby Jean – Live at King’s Hall, Belfast UK – 03/19/1996
  6. Adam Raised a Cain – Live at St. Rose of Lima School, Freehold, NJ – 11/08/1996
  7. Youngstown – Live at King’s Hall, Belfast UK – 03/19/1996
  8. Independence Day – Live at Paramount Theatre, Asbury Park, NJ – 11/24/1996
  9. Two Hearts – Live at St. Rose of Lima School, Freehold, NJ – 11/08/1996
  10. When You’re Alone – Live at Paramount Theatre, Asbury Park, NJ – 11/24/1996
  11. The River – Live at Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids, MI – 08/03/2005
  12. Cynthia – Live at Schottenstein Center, Columbus, OH – 07/31/2005
  13. This Hard Land – Live at Hovet, Stockholm, Sweden – 06/25/05
  14. All That Heaven Will Allow – Live at Sovereign Bank Arena , Trenton, NJ – 11/22/2005
  15. Empty Sky – Live at Sovereign Bank Arena , Trenton, NJ – 11/22/2005

“The Live Series: Stripped Down” kann unter anderem auf Amazon oder YouTube gestreamt werden.

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Jul 17 2020

Bruce Springsteen Live – Von seinem Zuhause in dein Zuhause / Volume 8

Bruce Springsteen war vorgestern – 15. Juli 2020 – zum achten Mal “Live On Air” und führte wie schon am 8. April 2020, am 24. April 2020, am 6. Mai 2020, am 20. Mai 2020, am 3. Juni 2020 , am 17. Juni 2020 sowie am 1. Juli 2020 durch eine knapp zweistündige Sendung auf SIRIUS XM E STREET RADIO.

Die Show stand unter dem Motto “Summertime, Summertime” und Bruce Springsteen lies es sich nicht nehmen, Geschichten rund um die heisse Jahreszeit zu erzählen. Obwohl die Corona Krise die Vereinigten Staaten immer noch in Atem hält, erinnerte sich Bruce Springsteen an die Sommer seiner Jugend zurück.

I loved and love summer. As a child I became summer. I melted into the hot tarmac, I rolled myself into a sand ball at the beach. I slid beneath the murky water, ducking summer dragonflies at the Freehold pond. I sat in the tops of trees, feeling the summer breeze prickle over my freshly cut Saturday-afternoon flat-top.

I’d stand with my bike ‘neath the August sun by the roadside, watching the locals on the road crew lay down the steaming blacktop, that beneath their rakes and shovels and heavy equipment curled and flattened like hot licorice. And when the big men and the machinery moved away, I waited, and I wanted my wheels to be the first to touch that steaming, virgin roadway.

In the evening twilight, I sat glued to the curb with a Pinky rubber ball in my hand, waiting for my best friend Bobby Duncan to finish his dinner so we could engage in epic gutterball tournaments into the night. And then later with scissors we’d poke holes into the lids of glass mason jars and invade the vacant lot across from my grandmother’s front porch to capture our nightly quota of the evening’s fireflies, just to leave them twinkling til dawn on our night tables. May they rest in peace.

We’d play Home Free, running from pool of light to pool of light from our neighborhood street lamps, until we were called in, as the neighborhood’s porch lights went dark, by my grandmother’s voice. And there, my sister and I would sleep on opposite sides of the bed, wrapped between hot, sticky sheets, on pre-air-conditioning, humid, Jersey summer nights.

There were evenings that, if it got hot enough, my Dad showed mercy on us, and he’d pack us into the Olds and set off in the darkness on Route 33 for the 20-mile ride to Manasquan, where on those nights the heat and the humidity of inland Freehold became too much to bear. We’d sleep in our pajamas, our bed blankets stretched out on the cool sand, enjoying the ocean air of the Manasquan Inlet.

Then at early light, like magic, we’d be carried back into the house, into our bedrooms, sandy-haired from our beach sleep, and I’d watch the sun splash its morning gold over the western wall of my room. And soon I’d smell my mother’s coffee drifting up through the floor grate that opened to my room. I’d lie awake and listen to my parents leave for work.

As a teenager, I would stay up all night — as a crucible to pass for three or four nights of the summer, as the house sank into a midsummer-evening silence. I’d be camping out in my room. I’d have my flashlight, I’d have my Japanese transistor AM radio that I was listening to. I would take 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. walks around the town of Freehold, when the streets were mine!

At night and only at night was I king of the streets of Freehold, New Jersey, unhassled by the day’s rednecks. Any time they’d see some longhair pass the barbershop they’d come running out, shaving cream half on their face: “Hey! Are you a girl?”

That was bullshit I didn’t need in those days.

So in the middle of the evening, I’d return home — 3:30 a.m., I’d arrive into the kitchen, I would build myself an almighty peanut butter-and-jelly sandwich, pouring it on. I would then retire to my room to wait for my favorite song to be broadcast by the WMCA Good Guys. One summer, my favorite song was Lonnie Donegan’s “Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour (on the Bedpost Overnight?)”!

In my bed, in the summer I’d be reading all my old copies of Surfer magazine. Did I surf? No. But the magazine held two very essential elements, surf or not. I was deeply interested in the perfectly tanned surfer girls in bikinis, and in the advertisements for Fender guitars.

There they were, in the fresh ads, the true objects of my desire: three white Fenders — a bass, a Stratocaster, and a Jaguar, each as white as the Hawaiian sand, lined up next to one another, each more desirable than the next… but taken as a group? My god. The perfect trifecta.

Now, I spent relatively short quality time with the pictures of the surfer girls. But I spent hours in my bunk, in my room, salivating over those guitars. I’d drift off to sleep with the magazine open on my chest, and then riding the summer breeze from the west came slipping through my open bedroom window, a sound I swear that was coming from some perfect beach thousands of miles away …

Neben Geschichten gab es auch viele Songs. Unter anderem spielte Bruce Springsteens mit “Sherry Darling”, “4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy), “County Fair” und “Backstreets” vier eigene Kompositionen. Darüber hinaus legte er auch die Erfolgssingle “Night Swimming” der aus Athens, GA stammenden Rockband R.E.M. auf.

Bruce Springsteen sagte:

There is nothing like the sea at night. When the water is slightly warmer than the air, even though the air is humid after a 95-degree day. God, I love swimming at night. It is all darkness and mystery. It is the void.

And it must be done naked. Clothes at the waterline, please. Do this, and my pilgrim, you will become cleansed. Never will the evening air, or a kiss on the beach, or a dry towel ever feel so good again. The walk to the car will be filled with starlit grace, and you will never forget it.

And once you hit the water, you will be covered in the blossoming beauty of your youth, no matter how old you are. And whoever you’re with, you will always remember them.


Noveller – “Canyons” / “Pre-fabled”
The Jamies – “Summertime Summertime”
War on Drugs – “Up All Night”
Lonnie Donegan – “Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour (on the Bedpost Overnight?)”
Bruce Springsteen – “Sherry Darling”
Beach Boys – “California Girls”
Ren Harvieu – “Summer Romance”
Lana Del Rey – “Video Games”
H.E.R. – “I Can’t Breathe”
James Brown – “The Boss”
Sly & The Family Stone – “Hot Fun in the Summertime”
The Rolling Stones – “Under the Boardwalk”
Bruce Springsteen – “4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)”
Bruce Springsteen – “County Fair”
Instrumental interlude: Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks – “Lullaby”
Bruce Springsteen – “Backstreets”
Kendrick Lamar (ft. Zacari) – “LOVE.”
Victoria Williams – “Summer of Drugs”
Instrumental interlude: Noble Oak – “Hypersleep”
REM – “Nightswimming”
Little Steven & the Disciples of Soul – “Summer of Sorcery”
Bobby Darin – “Beyond the Sea”

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Jul 6 2020

Live Download: Bruce Springsteen – Philadelphia 1999

Seit Freitag ist in Bruce Springsteens Live-Archiv eine neue Show verfügbar! präsentiert exklusiv das Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Konzert der “Reunion Tour” im “First Union Center” in Philadelphia, PA vom 25. September 1999.

Nach der “Tunnel of Love Express Tour” und der “HUMAN RIGHTS NOW! TOUR” im Jahre 1988 genehmigte sich die E Street Band eine elfjährige Auszeit. Währenddessen veröffentlichte Bruce Springsteen etliche Solo-Alben wie “Lucky Town” (1992), “Human Touch” (1992) oder “The Ghost Of Tom Joad” (1995). Darüber hinaus komponierte der “Boss” den oscarprämierten Titelsong “Streets Of Philadelphia” zum AIDS-Drama “Philadelphia”.

Ende 1998 reifte die Idee, die Musiker der E Street Band zusammenzutrommeln und eine World Tour in Angriff zu nehmen. Bruce Springsteen traf seine Künstlerkollegen im Februar und März 1999 zu ausgiebigen Rehearsals in Asbury Park, NJ.

Der Startschuss zur “Reunion Tour 1999 / 2000” fiel am 10. April 1999 im “Palais St. Jordi” in Barcelona. Bis zum 1. Juli 2000 spielte die E Street Band weitere 132 Konzerte in Europa und Nordamerika. Selbstverständlich war Bruce Springsteen anlässlich der “Reunion Tour” auch in Deutschland zu Gast. Zwischen dem 13. April 1999 und dem 17. Juni 1999 trat er in Bremen, Offenbach, Leipzig, Berlin, Regensburg, Köln und München auf.

Highlights der Konzertreise waren unter andrem die sechs ausverkauften Auftritte im “First Union Center” in Philadelphia, PA vom 13. September 1999 bis zum 25. September 1999. Am letzten Abend begeisterte die E Street Band mit der Tourpremiere von “Incident On 57th Street” sowie einer sensationellen Version von “New York City Serenade”.


A memorable six-night stand in the City of Brotherly Love ends on a high note with some old friends on Philadelphia ’99. The 22-song set begins in jaw-dropping fashion with the long-awaited return of “Incident On 57th Street,” last played in December 1980, and features the first Reunion tour performances of “Point Blank,” “Sherry Darling” “Streets of Philadelphia,” “Jungleland” and “Raise Your Hand” to appear in the Archive Series. Philadelphia ’99 also includes one of only five stagings of the epic “New York City Serenade” circa 1999-2000 following a 24-year hiatus.


Incident On 57th Street, The Ties That Bind, Prove It All Night, Two Hearts, Atlantic City, Factory, Point Blank, Youngstown, Murder Incorporated, Badlands, Out In The Street, 10th Avenue Freeze Out, Sherry Darling, Streets Of Philadelphia, New York City Serenade, Light Of Day, Jungleland, Born To Run, Thunder Road, If I Should Fall Behind, Land Of Hope And Dreams, Raise Your Hand

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Jul 2 2020

Bruce Springsteen Live – Von seinem Zuhause in dein Zuhause / Volume 7

Bruce Springsteen war gestern – 1. Juli 2020 – abermals “Live On Air” und führte wie schon am 8. April 2020, am 24. April 2020, am 6. Mai 2020, am 20. Mai 2020, am 3. Juni 2020 sowie am 17. Juni 2020 durch eine 90minütige Sendung auf SIRIUS XM E STREET RADIO. Die Sendung stand unter dem Motto “The Jersey Summit!” und der “Boss” begrüsste seine langjährigen Weggefährten Little Steven Van Zandt und Southside Johnny Lyon.

Bruce Springsteen begrüsste die Zuschauer mit folgenden Worten:

“Hello, hello, fellow Americans and summer revellers! I’m glad to be here with you on this Fourth of July weekend to help you celebrate our Independence Day. We have a three-DJ spectacular for you today — I will be spinning the discs with Southside Johnny and Little Steven Van Zandt! And we will be concentrating on the soul stylings of Asbury Park, circa 1977 to ’88, when Southside and Steve and I had all gotten together down at the Stone Pony. Steve and South had their fantastic house band there, and I spent many nights there high as a fuckin’ kite.”

Johnny Lyon erblickte am 4. Dezember 1948 in Neptune, NJ das Licht der Welt. In jungen Jahren interessierte er sich für die Rock’n Roll Musik und beschloss, in Elvis Presleys Fussstapfen zu treten und weltberühmt zu werden. Wie Bruce Springsteen verdiente er sich seine ersten Lorbeeren in der Küstenstadt Asbury Park, NJ, wo er unter anderem in den 1970er Jahren als Mundharmonikaspieler in Bruce Springsteens Band “Dr. Zoom & the Sonic Boom” im Erscheinung trat.

Nach unzähligen Auftritten in den angesagtesten Kneipen der Stadt, gelang ihm Mitte der 1970er Jahren der nationale Durchbruch. Sein Debütalbum “I Don’t Want To Go Home” aus dem Jahre 1976 war stark geprägt von Rhythm & Blues und wurde ein Achtungserfolg. Das von Steven Van Zandt produzierte Werk landete auf Platz 125 der “Billboard Abum Charts”.

Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes – Hearts of Stone

Da die Asbury Jukes ständig in Springsteens Schatten standen, blieb der erhoffte kommerzielle Erfolg weitgehend aus. Die Jukes arbeiteten trotzdem unverdrossen weiter und machten sich als “Jerseys Greatest Showband” einen Namen. Im Jahre 1982 wählte das “Rolling Stone Magazin” den Longplayer “Hearts of Stone” aus dem Jahre 1978 unter die Top-100-Alben der 1970er und 1980er Jahre.

Während der knapp zweistündigen Sendung wurden 20 Songs von Bruce Springsteen, Southside Johnny, Little Steven, Clarence Clemons und Gary U.S. Bonds gespielt. Unter anderem auch die Little Steven Live-Version der Bruce Springsteen Komposition “Tucson Train”.

Der Song ist auf Bruce Springsteens aktuellem Longplayer “Western Stars” zu finden. Am 15. September 2019 lies es sich Little Steven nicht nehmen, besagtes Lied im “Rialto Theatre” in Tucson, AZ erstmals Live vor Publikum zu performen.

Little Steven kündigte damals “Tucson Train” mit folgenden Worten an:

“We got something special for you tonight. We’re gonna try something out, first time. A buddy of mine has a new album out called ‘Western Stars’. And the movie’s gonna come out, I believe it’s Oct. 25. Ya gotta see this movie. It’s one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen in my life. We’re gonna give you a little recycled version of the trailer to the movie. Audio trailer, anyway. This is something called ‘Tucson Train'”


Bruce Springsteen – What Love Can Do
Bruce Springsteen – I’m Going Down
Southside Johnny – Some Things Just Don’t Change
Bruce Springsteen – Gotta Get That Feeling
Little Steven – Love Again
Southside Johnny – Love On The Wrong Side Of Town
Bruce Springsteen – So Young And In Love
Gary U.S. Bonds – Soul Deep
Southside Johnny – Coming Back
Little Steven – Until The Good Is Gone
Bruce Springsteen – Lion’s Den
Little Steven – Soul Power Twist
Southside Johnny – The Fever
Clarence Clemons – Savin’ Up
Gary U.S. Bonds – This Little Girl
Little Steven – Tucson Train (Live)
Southside Johnny – First Night
Southside Johnny – I Don’t Want To Go Home
Bruce Springsteen – 10th Avenue Freeze Out
Southside Johnny – It’s Been A Long Time
Bruce Springsteen – Jersey Girl

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