Okt 3 2012

Titus Andronicus drittes Studioalbum: „Local Business“

Die im Jahre 2005 in Glen Rock, NJ gegründete Rockformation „Titus Andronicus“ veröffentlicht in wenigen Tagen ihr drittes Studioalbum. Das neue Werk wird den Titel „Local Business“ tragen und 10 knallharte Rocksongs umfassen.
Bereits 2010 releasten die Musiker mit „The Monitor“ (wir berichten hier) ein Album, das von der internationalen Presse sehr positiv aufgenommen wurde. Der Sound von Titus Andronicus orientiert sich stark an Bruce Springsteen, The Pixies und Bright Eyes.

Auf Amazon.de kann man das Album jetzt schon als Audio CD oder Vinyl Schallplatte vorbestellen. Offizieller Release ist am 23. Oktober 2012.

Tracklist „Local Business“:

  1. Ecce Homo
  2. Still Life With Hot Deuce On Silver Platter
  3. Upon Viewing Oregon’s Landscape With The Flood Of Detritus
  4. Food Fight!
  5. My Eating Disorder
  6. Titus Andronicus vs. The Absurd Universe (3rd Round KO)
  7. In A Big City
  8. In A Small Body
  9. (I Am The) Electric Man
  10. Tried To Quit Smoking

„In A Big City“ – die erste Single Auskopplung:


Local Business is the third album by Titus Andronicus
While the first two albums were elaborate concoctions, Local Business is of the earth. Titus Andronicus the studious recording project and Titus Andronicus the raucous touring machine are no longer two distinct beings; there is only Titus Andronicus, rock and roll band.
The lineup is: Patrick Stickles (singer/songwriter/guitarist), Eric Harm (drums), Julian Veronesi (bass), Liam Betson (guitar) and Adam Reich (guitar). The album was recorded in New Paltz, New York’s Marcata Recording with producer/engineer/mastermind Kevin McMahon. They recorded it in April and May of 2012 along with some special guests including longtime Titus session keyboardist Elio DeLuca, universally acclaimed violinist Owen Pallett, and Eric Harm’s father Steven on harmonica. This tight-knit group is just one of the meanings behind the phrase “Local Business”.
While abandoning the linear narrative of their last album The Monitor, the songs on Local Business aim to make explicit the implications of the first two LPs, that the inherent meaninglessness of life in an absurd universe gives the individual power to create their own values and their own morality. Along the way, we witness a devastating automobile wreck, a food fight (that is to say, a battle with an eating disorder), an electrocution, a descent into insanity, and ultimately, a forgiveness of the self for its many faults. Titus Andronicus even finds time to broaden its emotional palette to include moments of pure positivity, brief respites from the usual doom and gloom.

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Dez 12 2011

Neues Titus Andronicus Album & Glory Days Cover

Titus Andronicus Frontmann Patrick Stickles kündigt für das kommende Jahr ein neues Album an. Zudem veröffentlichte der Musiker in Zusammenarbeit mit der „Shea Stadium All Star Band“ eine Coverversion des Bruce Springsteen Klassikers „Glory Days“.

Den Song findet man auf der offiziellen Titus Andronicus Soundcloud Page.

Consequenceofsound.net schreibt:

Check Out: Titus Andronicus & The So So Glos – “Glory Days” (Bruce Springsteen cover)
Patrick Stickles, lead singer of the New Jersey’s own Titus Andronicus, has a very followable twitter account. He’s wicked forthcoming about opinions musical, political, and otherwise, insider band info (e.g. there’s a new Titus Andronicus album due out next year sometime), and best of all, he drops some tracks on you here and there. The latest is a cover of the Bruce Springsteen staple “Glory Days” with his band and Brooklyn cohorts The So So Glos …  weiterlesen

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Mrz 18 2010

Titus Andronicus / Inspiriert von Bruce Springsteen

„Full-throttle indie-Springsteen arrangements replete with bleating Clarence Clemons saxophone lines, pavement-pounding marching-band drums, and loads of drunk-dude Dropkick Murphys gang-vocal chants“
– The Boston Phoenix

Die aus New Jersey stammende Indie-Rock Kapelle „Titus Andronicus“ ist auf dem besten Weg in den Rockolymp. Der Sound von Titus Andronicus orientiert sich an Bruce Springsteen, The Pixies und Bright Eyes. Schon ihr Debütalbum „The Airing of Grievances“ aus dem Jahre 2008 wurde von den Kritikern mit viel Wohlwollen aufgenommen. Nun stehen die fünf Musiker mit ihrem zweiten Album am Start. „Monitor“ beschäftigt sich mit dem amerikanischen Bürgerkrieg und überzeugt mit rockingen Folkhymnen, die eine gelungene Mischung zwischen Bruce Springsteen und den Grunge-Ikonen von Nirvana darstellt.

BBC.co.uk / Music schreibt:

Bruce Springsteen has enjoyed something of a renaissance recently. Not just in terms of his own career, which has once again flourished since 2002’s The Rising, but through a number of bands who are carrying the torch he first lit on E Street all those years ago. From The Killers to Arcade Fire, The Hold Steady to The Gaslight Anthem, this recent surge of Boss-inspired sounds has taken various forms, but nobody has approached it with quite the iconoclastic zeal of Titus Andronicus … weiterlesen

Tracklist des neuen Albums:

01. A More Perfect Union
02. Titus Andronicus Forever
03. No Future Part Three Escape From No Future
04. Richard II
05. A Pot In Which To Piss
06. Four Score And Seven
07. Theme From Cheers
08. To Old Friends And New
09. …And Ever
10. The Battle Of Hampton Roads

Das Album kann auf Amazon.de als Import bestellt werden.

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