The Darkness Tour – seltene Bruce Springsteen Fernsehausschnitte

Vimeo hat gestern Abend ein Video veröffentlicht. Zu sehen sind drei Fernsehausschnitte aus dem Jahre 1978 mit Bruce Springsteens erstem TV-Interview. schreibt:

The Darkness tour was a watershed moment for Springsteen in many ways, among them, granting his first real television interviews on the road. Notably, in New York, Cleveland, and Los Angeles, Bruce invited cameras backstage and spoke with local TV news journalists about his audience and his shows. These interviews wound up as feature segments on local news, which paired the backstage chat with live performance footage.
Our gift to you this year are these three feature interview segments just as they aired in 1978. The video offers the broadcast news appearances in best-ever quality (though still showing some ill effects of being 33-year-old footage as expected). The 16-minute compilation features:

  • WABC New York with Joel Siegel (Madison Square Garden, August 21, 1978)
  • WDVM Washington, DC „The 9 Muses“ segment with Henry Tenenbaum (interview from Richfield, OH, August 30, 1978; footage from Largo, MD, August 15, 1978)
  • KABC Los Angeles with JJ Jackson, Bruce’s first-ever televised interview (The Forum, July 7, 1978)

Special thanks to the Dick Wingate Archives for providing the video and the Brucebase Wiki for source info.

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