„The Wrestler“ – Kinostart in Nordamerika

Am Donnerstag (18. November 2008) läuft der neue Darren Aronofsky Film „The Wrestler“ in New York und Los Angeles an.

Das gleichnamige Bruce Springsteen Titellied kann man ab heute auf der iTunes Plattform downloaden.

Die offizielle Pressemeldung:


„The Wrestler,“ a new film starring Mickey Rourke and directed by Darren Aronofsky, opens in New York and Los Angeles tomorrow (and everywhere else soon afterwards). Click here to find out when The Wrestler opens at a theater near you!

Haven’t seen the trailer yet? Watch it here:

The title song, heard in the trailer, is a brand new Bruce Springsteen track! It’s available on iTunes starting today.

„I wrote Bruce a letter, because we’ve known each other over twenty years, and he knows what I used to be, or whatever. Where I went. What I’d been reduced to. I told him how I felt lucky now and didn’t have to end up being this guy, being Randy (character from The Wrestler). A while later I got a call in the middle of the night: he said he’d written a little song, for nothing. It’s fucking beautiful, right? I was honoured he took the time, because he’s a busy cat. I mean, I’m so goddam proud of this magical movie and to have Bruce’s input… ain’t nobody in Hollywood with all their millions can just ring the man and he’ll do a song, y’know?“
– Mickey Rourke
Quelle: BruceSpringsteen.net

Der Song „The Wrestler“ ist auch auf dem neuen Bruce Springsteen Album „Working on a Dream“ enthalten.

Das neue Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band Album “Working on a Dream” erscheint am 23. Januar 2009 in Deutschland und kann im Bruce Springsteen Fan Shop vorbestellt werden.

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