Here well all are back in Richmond, Virginia
You know when everythings, they're going bad, you know
Like when your guitar's freakin' out and your amps doing their own thing
Oh we're, we're gonna play a slow blues, like so I can relate to you
Get it out of our system I hope you don't mind
Cause my amplifier's blown a fuse and don't you know I'm so damn confused
I've got those old screwed up fucked up amplifier blues
I don't care about women, women dont bother me when I'm playing
Like they get all the loving in the world offstage
But when I'm playing on stage or practicing I forget all about them
No nothing can stop me, like what year is it?
What you trying to do, we ain't working out, you know
Now these women they're always fussing and fighting and screamin' and fighting
Just leave me alone I just wanna pick a tune ha ha
Oh its all fine, and I might be some kind of loon
Oh but there ain't no one badder than those messed up, screwed up
Old messed up fucked up amplifier blues
I'm gonna tell you just how she makes me feel
It makes me feel so mean
C'mon on now baby, sometimes, Danny boy, it don't work right easy

Oh right now I got those fucked up amplifier blues
Well my amp's blown and my mind is too
Standin' here feeling kinda all alone
I just don't know what Im gonna do
Gonna get myself a thousand dogs
Build myself a boat with a guard named Danny, ha!
Listen to me, oh I know what I would get, all I gotta lose
Is some woman drowning in some blues
I got those screwed up old messed up amplifier blues
I'm gonna get cured of them, I'm gonna
Oh I always seem to get screwed
I got those screwed up, messed up, broken down, broken up, all around
Fucked up amplifier blues


Song Informationen:
Dieser Song würde für Steel Mill im Jahre 1969 geschrieben.