Well she's vicious as a razor resting on your main line
She's brutal as an ace laid on the table at just the right time
She's like a devil woman but she's locked in overdrive
Her eyes are cold stone but she's backed by a power-glide
She's sweet, she's educated, she knows about history, geometry
She's so fine

Well now the boys down there say she swings the silver rod
Some kids call her Angel, all the boys call her God, down on Lover's Lane
Well now the kids down in Houston say she's cold but dynamite
Ah they know that lady wears them blue jeans oh so tight
She gets in my car and the highway bursts to life
And way down on E Street that only happens once or twice
She's sophisticated, she's a... she's a lady, you know what I mean?
She's so fine

Oh she says, "I ain't got the love, I ain't got the time
Ain't gonna give you no kiss, ain't gonna hand you
All I want's a ride, Sweet William, all I want's a ride


Song Informationen:
Geschrieben im Jahre 1973. Einmal während einer Show in Houston, TX Live gespielt. Niemals veröffentlicht.