Shrieks of Sheikhs as they run across the movie screen
A thousand sand-dune soldiers led by an Arabian Queen
And the Harem girls move like fancy dancers
In my dirty dreams
And I wake up on the floor holding onto a bed lamp
Mama she comes in and screams
"Huh you been out with that tramp again last night
That silver-sequined Ivory black bitch
The one that Mama don't like?"
You see but Mama she sings me moontime melodies
With this great Top 40 hook
But Mama don't care
Papa he just stares and says "Mary, look the girl's alright
The girl's alright"
And there's a tenseness in the air. Don't you know, can't you feel
There's something hanging there, pull back the mist and reveal it
Even if you fear what you hear, try to conceal it
And if what Mama feels is too real, she just claims she don't feel it

So come out from behind your bunkers
The lift-offs been a bust
Papa's gone and Mama's dead
And buried in my rocket dust
You're alone now for the first time
But that's all right
Because all fear will completely disappear
Come the Arabian Night

The soundman smiles and turns the dials
To set the meter readin' rising
He pulls the singer's voice from out of his pocket
To see how the audience likes it
Oh and in the very first row sits sweet Jenny Rue
With a bell on her shoe and she wants him to make it
He flicks a switch but Jenny moves too fast
And the audience sways to the sound of her shotgun blast
The manage runs out
"Check the band's arms for bullet holes
And make that man roll up his sleeves"
The drummer shoots himself with cyanide
And then asks to be relieved
And me, I say, "It's crazy in here
Where is the stage door, which way is out I gotta get up for work"
And the man says "Once, once you're in they all lead out
Whats the matter, ain't you heard?
There's a war going on outside
And I'm paying you to sing like a bird
So get in and get tough or get up and get out
Because things are'nt too tight"
I said "Don't worry, everything's gonna loosen up
Come the Arabian Night
Come the Arabian Night"

So I get back in bed
But outside my window I hear another gang fight
It's Duke and the boys against the Devil's best man
And both sides have drawn their knives
And with one quick jab Duke brings the Devil down
He smiles 'cos he knows there's a high price on Devil's
In any good God-fearin' town
Well Duke sold the Devil to some priest in Pennsylvania
To exhibit on his altar Christmas Night
But the Devil's eyes they're remain red like fire
As long as Duke walks upright
And the devil swears there's going to be a showdown
At sundown on the Arabian Night
Whoa on the Arabian, Arabian Night


Song Informationen:
Geschrieben von Bruce Springsteen im Januar 1971. Niemals veröffentlicht.