Bless on the border guard so cold and alone
Bless on the child so far from home
Pity the border guard who feels like a woman to cry
Pity the border guard, his life guards the line
A line is a funny thing, a border, sometimes
A line is a hurtful thing, use only to divide
I pity the refugee, whose home lies behind
I pity the border guard, and his border line
He keeps his machine gun nose, pointed to the sky
The night time is his master, and you know the dawn light brings his captor

And I pity the border guard, as he walks, well as he walks his own
The echo of his footsteps is all a friend would know
A home is a funny thing, you get tied to the earth
Like love is a crazy thing, in the eyes of a child

I pity the border guard, soul taken captive at birth
May the sweet brace of his grief show him how to be so wild
Yes a line is a funny thing
A border sometimes
A line is a hurtin' thing
Used only to divide
He who made the open plains and the world one and all
Could not have conceived with a barbed wire brain
For the building of the wall
And at night I keep my fire bright
So that I may be safe when I sleep
Till I wake on that wonderful morning with no more line well ohh


Song Informationen:
Dieser Song wurde im Jahre 1972 geschrieben, jedoch nie veröffentlicht.