I want a little house, on a little hill
I wanna settle down, yeah, I think I will
Settle down and find a little love that's true
Settle down with a girl like you

Seen a lot of girls
Had a lot of fun
Ran around a lot
Now my runnin's done
Honey, all I wanna...
Wanna be runnin' to
Is the arms of a girl like you

You start livin' life
Like ya' just don't care
You done everything
You been everywhere
But what I done ain't nothin'
To what I wanna do
When I find a little girl like you

We'll get married
In a church down a-Wynan Bay
Tell a lotta jokes
Have a lotta laughs
Do whatever it is that we wannna do
Long as I do it with a girl like you

Hey little stranger
Walkin' down the street
You're the only one
You make my life complete
I got a plan but
It's one made for two
So I need a little girl like you
Yeah, hey, I need a little girl like you
Oh Honey, I need a little girl like you


Song Informationen:
1982 / 1983 für "Born in the USA" geschrieben und eingespielt. Niemals veröffentlicht.