Pastel colors paint the sky
Green sea children cloud your eyes
Upon the grass together we'd lie
And a raindrop filled your eye

Stained glass window comes alive
Through its veins pulse the merging light
Under the soft white sheet together we'd lie
And your tears are crystallized

I'll take your love & hide it in my hand
Until the sea has stolen all of the sand
I'll shield you from the violence of a halfcrazed man
Who'd kill you where you stand.

Sometimes I doubt if you understand
All the things I've spoken to you and
Everything I've felt for you today
But I guess you cannot say what you don't know.

Through the green fields that day we ran
You made me happy like no one else can
Then dusk came in and hid us in the night
And you gave me my first child

Can you help me
Can you help me call your name

I will help you
I will help you call my name


Song Informationen:
1968 von Bruce Springsteen geschrieben. Niemals veröffentlicht.