Ever since I was a young man
I've known the devil too well
I can still hear my mama screamin'
"Boy you gonna burn some day in hell"
Drag me to church on Sunday
Head down, head down, head down on your knees and pray
When it comes you won't forget to call

Well I can't say that I'm a believer
I can't say that I ain't
Oh but three words on a piece of paper
It sure ain't gonna make no kind of sense
Drag us to church on a Friday
And we confess our sins
Special old price of three Hail Marys and your soul is clean again

You must believe what we are saying to believe for without belief you are dying
They told me you must believe what we tell you to believe and yours is not to question why
For the sisters never lie
Yours not to know ro die
Might as well not even try

Hail, hail resurrection
You'll invited to come and dance on my grave
Oh I'm gonna have a lot of money
I'll say my prayers to the earth and the sun


Song Informationen:
Steel Mill Song aus dem Jahre 1970.