Earth Children turn their new eyes upward,
As the rain falls into outstreched arms.
The world moves with beauty beneath their bodies.
The frenzied sea crys upon the shore.

The dawn infant breathes its first crystal breath.
As nature sweet incense flows through time.
The cycle of birth has now turned once around,
and set into motion the cycle of life

Young mountain lovers quench their thirst for sunlight,
and wet their tongues in the forest land stream.
Then bathe neath the silver waters of the moon
Through the night star's great prism frolic their dreams.

Amid the towering comstolk forests the new ones scamper
They run to eat of lifes blessed grain
The deep crop of summer is ready for harvest
and autumns' celebration has come again


Song Informationen:
1969 von Bruce Springsteen geschrieben und eingespielt.