Came into town with a pocketful of songs
I made the rounds
But I didn't last long
Now I'm out on this highway
With a bone-cold chill
Somewhere north of Nashville

I lie awake in the middle of the night
Makin' a list of things that I didn't do right
With you at the top of a long page filled
Here, somewhere north of Nashville

For the deal I made, the price was strong
I traded you for this song
We woke each morning with hearts filled
Bluebird of love on the windowsill
Now the heart's unsteady, and the night is still
And all I've got's this melody, and time to kill
Here, somewhere north of Nashville


Song Informationen:
Für das 19. Bruce Springsteen Studioalbum "Western Stars" komponiert. Im Juni 2019 auf "Western Stars" erstveröffentlicht.