Walking down the avenue
Of a dark ???
Listen now, I am blue
Deep in there I hope it's true
Love will just have to be
Your the only one for me
Love will call in time ???
Creeping down the the avenue

Baby if you know its right
Maybe that I'm alright
Come on now won't you
Baby don't cut me loose
Walking down the avenue
Walking down the avenue

And my girl now if I could
Baby I would do what I could do
I'd call you back and make it right
Call it down and ???
Baby if there was another man
If there was a sweeter man
Baby you know that I would do
Anything that I could do
And I want another one
Baby goin' on and on
If you want to go along
Baby don't come alone
Come alone
Walking down the avenue
Walking on the avenue

Baby when I'm all ???
Girls come to my hotel room
Well they just want to sit and talk
Baby it's a ???
Boys they all love my walk
Baby when I'm walking down
Come out tonight
Baby go do what you can do
Cause I now it's mean and true
Baby I'm in love with you
When I'm walking on the avenue
When I'm walking on the avenue
When I'm walking on the avenue


Song Informationen:
1979 für "The River" geschrieben und aufgenommen. Niemals veröffentlicht.