Bruce Springsteen wird Ehrenmitglied der „Ivors Academy“

Heute – am 23. Mai 2024 – wird Bruce Springsteen zum Ehren-Mitglied der „Ivors Academy“ ernannt.

Die „Ivors Academy“ ist einer der grössten Berufsverbände für Musikautoren in Europa. Die in London ansässige Akademie unterstützt Texter und Komponisten und zählt etwa 2.000 Mitglieder.

Bruce Springsteen to become a Fellow of The Ivors Academy
The iconic US musician will become the first-ever international songwriter that the Academy has inducted into Fellowship in its 80-year history at The Ivors 2024.
One of the most influential and important songwriters of all time, Bruce Springsteen’s music has soundtracked the lives of millions across the globe. Often described as ‘the embodiment of rock & roll’, Bruce Springsteen’s recording career spans fifty years, beginning with 1973’s Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ and most recently in 2022 with Only the Strong Survive, his twenty-first studio album.

Bruce Springsteen bedankte sich für die Auszeichnung mit folgenden Worten:

„I’m proud to be the first international songwriter to be recognized by The Ivors Academy. In addition to recognizing my songwriting, the award stands as a tribute to the fans and friends who have supported me and my work for the last fifty years. This entire country has made me feel welcome every step of the way, and for this, I will always remain deeply appreciative.“

Ausserdem gab Bruce Springsteen den Song „Thunder Road“ zum besten.

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