„When You Are Loved“ – Neuer Nils Lofgren Song

Nils Lofgren hat anlässlich des zehnten Jahrestags der Terroranschläge auf das World Trade Center in New York einen Song aufgenommen.


„When You Are Loved“ is a song written to honor the love, courage and spirit of the 9-11 victims and their surviving family members. In this instance, a grieving wife and mother, with a young son, finds the strength and spirit to carry on, honoring her fallen husband and loving their child.
Whether a fireman, policeman, EMT or any of the hundreds of first responders and citizens who heroically gave their lives saving others, in addition to the thousands of victims, the surviving parents and family of every age, now have a mountain of grief to navigate and we all remain inspired and grateful at their dignity and spirit on this lifelong, overwhelming journey.
May God bless you all and may God bless America.
Nils Lofgren

„When You Are Loved“ kann man hier downloaden.

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