Nils Lofgren veröffentlicht „Bonus Tracks“

E Street Band Gitarrist Nils Lofgren hat am vergangenen Freitag – 19. März 2021 – eine 39-Lieder umfassende Song Sammlung unter dem Titel „Bonus Tracks“ veröffentlicht. Auf der Compilation findet man Kompositionen, die Nils Lofgren unter anderem mit seiner Band „Grin“, mit Lou Gramm oder Clive Cussler eingespielt hat.

Nils Lofgren über „Bonus Tracks“:

We’re excited to share these 39 bonus tracks of rare recordings and special demos of mine through the years. They originally appeared on the 10 disc Face The Music box set, which my dear wife Amy produced with me. Thanks Amy! It has been out of print for a while so we’re sharing them with you digitally now. Featuring unreleased Grin tracks and favorites of mine and I’m so grateful to the many talented musicians that grace this collection. Grin’s version of Keith Don’t Go features an inspired performance by Neil Young on piano and vocals. It rocks! Also, one of the greatest voices ever, Lou Gramm duets on Some Must Dream and I’ll Arise. Truly an honor. Hope you all enjoy these tracks and thank you all for listening all these decades. You, the audience, are the main inspiration for everything you hear, here! Bless you all! Peace and Believe
– Nils Lofgren


  1. Keith Don’t Go (Nils Lofgren & Grin)
  2. Try (Nils Lofgren & Grin)
  3. Sing For Happiness (Nils Lofgren & Grin)
  4. Duty (Nils Lofgren & Grin)
  5. Sweet Four Wings (Nils Lofgren & Grin)
  6. Just To Have You (Nils Lofgren & Grin)
  7. I’ll Arise (feat. Lou Gramm)
  8. Some Must Dream (feat. Lou Gramm)
  9. Stay Hungry
  10. Heaven’s Rain
  11. Whatever Happened to Muscatel (feat. Clive Cussler)
  12. You In My Arms
  13. Here For You
  14. Hide My Heart
  15. Love Is…
  16. Awesome Girl
  17. When You Are Loved
  18. Bullets Fever
  19. Message
  20. Beauty And The Beast
  21. You Are The Melody
  22. Tears Inside
  23. Face The Music
  24. I Don’t Stand A Chance
  25. What Is Enuf?!!
  26. London
  27. Go Away
  28. Heart Like A Hammer
  29. True Love Conquers Legends
  30. Yankee Stadium
  31. Sad Walk
  32. Dalmatian
  33. I’m Coming Back
  34. Mad, Mad World
  35. Jhoon Rhee Ad
  36. It’s Better To Know You
  37. Last Time I Saw You
  38. Mist And Morning Rain
  39. Miss You „C“

Nils Lofgrens „Bonus Tracks“ kann als MP3 Album auf bestellt werden.

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