Bruce Springsteen Live in Asbury Park, NJ #2

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Bruce Springsteen ist derzeit sehr spielfreudig.
Nach seinen Auftritten anlässlich der „Count Basie“ und „Ranney School“ Benefiz Shows überraschte er gestern die Zuschauer im Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ mit einem Auftritt.

Bruce unterstützte Mike Ness von „Social Distortion“ bei folgenden Songs:

Misery Loves Company
Ball and Chain
If You Leave Before Me
I Fought The Law berichtet:

Springsteen and Social D’s Mike Ness rock the Stone Pony
On Saturday night, or the second of two Mike Ness shows at the Pony, the Social Disortion frontman was joined on stage by his friend (and longtime fan) Bruce Springsteen. After watching the show from the soundboard, Springsteen joined in for a five-song encore. Linda tells us: „They launched into Bob Dylan’s ‚Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right,‘ followed by ‚Misery Loves Company,‘ the song they did together on Mike’s 1999 solo CD, Cheating at Solitaire. Then they did my favorite Social D song, ‚Ball and Chain,‘ but instead of sticking to the original rocking version, they did it as a slow, country ballad. Bruce sang the second verse, and the crowd went nuts. Next was a ‚If You Leave Before Me,‘ from Cheating at Solitaire, followed by a fun ‚I Fought the Law.‘ What was really cool was seeing the excitement and giddiness of Social D. fans after the show. Most of these fans are guys in their 20s — tattoos, pierced body parts, part hardcore punk/part rockabilly, and their hot Bettie Page-type girlfriends. They were so happy and excited, and I heard them saying, ‚Man, nothing gets better than this!‘ and ‚Wow, can you believe it? How frickin‘ amazing was that?!'“ As Ness asked the crowd, „Aren’t you guys glad you came the second night?“

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