Popmatters.com: 10 Best Springsteen Songs of the Last 10 Years

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Online-Redakteur Ben Travers hat eine Liste mit den besten Bruce Springsteen Songs der letzten 10 Jahre zusammengestellt. Travers schreibt, dass Springsteen seit 2002 grossartige Musik geschaffen und unvergessliche Songs veröffentlicht hat.

Auszug aus dem Onlinebericht:

He’s Still the Boss: The 10 Best Springsteen Songs of the Last 10 Years
In the last 10 years, with and without the now-dwindling E Street Band, Springsteen has created some of his best music. No album as a whole approaches Born to Run’s cultural status, but select songs are equally memorable and musically vital.
I hate to be the voice of dissent—especially when it comes to one of my personal heroes—but this year’s Wrecking Ball is far from Bruce Springsteen’s best album. The excitement built around his stark, Occupy-driven album was lost upon listening through Bruce’s repetitive lyrics and reissued compilations (Hello! We’ve already heard “Wrecking Ball”, “Land of Hope and Dreams”, and the bonus track “American Land”). Yes, it’s musically diverse and should produce some arena-rocking power when heard live, but these lyrics can’t be written by the same man whose first few albums were as poetically beautiful as anything ever put to music.

Popmatters.com – 10 Best Springsteen Songs of the Last 10 Years:

  • Waitin‘ on a Sunny Day (The Rising, 2002)
  • You’re Missing (The Rising, 2002)
  • The Rising (The Rising, 2002)
  • Devils and Dust (Devils and Dust, 2005)
  • Long Time Comin‘ (Devils and Dust, 2005)
  • You’ll Be Comin’ Down (Magic, 2007)
  • Livin’ in the Future (Magic, 2007)
  • Girls in Their Summer Clothes (Magic, 2007)
  • The Wrestler (Working on a Dream, 2009)
  • Death to My Hometown (Wrecking Ball, 2012)

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