Update: „Working on a Dream“ Albumcover, Tracks und weitere Infos

Auf BruceSpringsteen.net wurde das neue Albumcover veröffentlicht:

Weitere Details zum anstehenden Bruce Springsteen Studioalbum „Working on a Dream“:

Länge der Songs:
Outlaw Pete – 08:00 Minuten
My Lucky Day – 04:01 Minuten
Working On A Dream – 03:29 Minuten
Queen Of The Supermarket – 04:39 Minuten
What Love Can Do – 02:57 Minuten
This Life – 04:30 Minuten
Good Eye – 03:01 Minuten
Tomorrow Never Knows – 02:14 Minuten
Life Itself – 04:00 Minuten
Kingdom Of Days – 04:02 Minuten
Surprise, Surprise – 03:24 Minuten
The Last Carnival – 03:11 Minuten
The Wrestler – 03:50 Minuten
Gesamtlänge: ca 50 Minuten

Bonus DVD (nur Deluxe Version):
My Lucky Day – 06:04 Minuten
Queen Of The Supermarket – 06:47 Minuten
Kingdom Of Days – 05:27 Minuten
Tomorrow Never Knows / What Love Can Do / This Life – 04:14 Minuten
Life Itself – 05:03 Minuten
Working On A Dream – 03:31 Minuten
The Last Carnival – 03:10 Minuten
End Credit & A Night with the Jersey Devil – 04.00
Gesamtlänge: ca 39 Minuten

The DVD features a look behind the scenes at the making of a Springsteen album; nothing in the film is staged. Produced, directed, and edited by longtime Springsteen associate and Emmy- and Grammy-winner Thom Zimny, the documentary film includes in-studio footage edited to the tracks of „My Lucky Day,“ „Queen of the Supermarket,“ „Kingdom of Days,“ „Working on a Dream,“ „Life Itself,“ and „The Last Carnival.“ Fans may also revel in never-before-heard demos and early versions of various songs as they see Springsteen and the E Street Band at work from a fly-on-the-wall point of view.

Mitwirkende Künstler:
Bruce Springsteen – Gitarre, Gesang, Mundharmonica
Roy Bittan – Keyboards, Klavier, Orgel
Clarence Clemons – Saxophon, Background Vocals
Danny Federici – Orgel
Nils Lofgren – Gitarre, Background Vocals
Patti Scialfa – Background Vocals
Garry Tallent – Bass
Steven van Zandt – Gitarre, Background Vocals
Max Weinberg – Schlagzeug
Soozie Tyrell – Geige, Background Vocals
Patrick Warren – Orgel, Klavier
Special Guest: Jason Federici – Orgel (bei The Last Carnival)

Das neue Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band Album “Working on a Dream” erscheint am 23. Januar 2009 in Deutschland und kann im Bruce Springsteen Fan Shop vorbestellt werden.

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